In New York, the epidemic began. On the way, barges FEMA and floating crematorium. Is everything so bad?

In China, discovered the shell of a snake-eared turtle, 150 million years old

Branched estuary of Guinea-Bissau

In Mexico, found the fossilized remains of a fly 90 million years old

A huge UFO distorted the space near the ISS

Aliens take back treasures after the construction of ancient structures

In Armenia, discovered a cave in depth of seven floors, created by one person

Archaeologists have found the clock of the 16th century in Kaliningrad

The mortal danger of salt is proved

Scientists have learned how a new Earth can appear

Due to a major natural fire in Oregon, evacuation

Victims of floods in Mexico were 7 people

Milky Way through a crystal ball

The scarcity of water stifles the economy of India

The eruption of the volcano Anak-Krakatau in Indonesia

The eruption of the volcano Telica in Guatemala

The eruption of the volcano Shinomooke in Japan

In Moscow, found an exotic snake

Why is coffee good for the heart?

In ancient Egyptian potions found a powerful cure for cancer

Archaeologists have found the earliest traces of beer production in Sweden

The theory of relativity is confirmed on intergalactic scales

In Georgia, found artifacts from the early Iron Age

In the ancient imperial tomb found the remains of an unknown monkey

An extinct sea lizard was named after the wine

Scientists have found a way to slow down aging

NASA has published pictures of a dust storm on Mars

Over the volcano Sakuradzima appeared strange lights foreshadowing a new earthquake?

North America is threatened by a mega earthquake

A flash on the sun can destroy humanity

Tens of thousands of homes are left without gas after the earthquake in Japan

In Japan, the simmo volcano

In the United States developed a plan to protect the Earth from asteroids

The builders of Stonehenge used the theorem of Pythagoras