Cigar-shaped UFO appeared in the sky over California

Alien ships in recent days do not even try to hide their presence in the sky over our planet.

The number of observations of individual UFOs and entire armadas of unidentified flying objects is constantly increasing. And the objects appear in the afternoon without hiding and without using disguise. They openly hover at a small height over the densely populated areas of our planet.

June 26 this year over the American city of Milpitas, located in the state of California, a very large cigar-shaped UFO appeared that drifted slowly over the mountain range near the settlement.

It is not clear why the alien ships that constantly tried to minimize the fact of their presence on our planet and minimize the risk of being observed by observers from the ground have now ceased to hide and demonstrate themselves in broad daylight.

Is the real contact of the alien civilization close to ours?

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