Scientists have researched an ancient obsidian artifact

An international group of scientists investigated the ancient obsidian mirror from the British Museum. As a result, the specialists clarified that in its manufacture raw materials from a primary source in Mexico were used. It is believed that the artifact belonged to the scientist and “magician” John Dee, famous in England since the time of Queen Elizabeth I. With the help of mirrors, the practices of the occult tried to summon spirits and angels; such activity was widespread in late medieval Europe. “This mirror is unique not only because it was owned by a person known at the court of the Tudor Queen, but also because of the unusual material from which it is made – obsidian,” comments Yaroslav Kuzmin. – It was believed that the source of the rock from which the artifact was made is Mexico, but no scientific analyzes have previously been carried out. Only 16 mirrors from polished obsidian are known in the world (three of them are in the British Museum), and all of them once belonged t…

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