Astronomers “officially” discovered the new moon of Neptune

Images from Hubble helped planetary scientists to find another moon in Neptune, traces of which scientists discovered by chance five years ago. Her description and possible mechanisms of formation were presented in the journal Nature.

“Our observations show that Hippocampus most likely broke away from Proteus in the distant past. This once again confirms that the inner moons of Neptune acquired their current appearance after many collisions in past eras,” says Mark Showalter from the Institute for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI (USA).

Neptune, the last “real” planet of the Solar System, was discovered in September 1846 by the German astronomer Johann Halle after it was predicted by theorists who discovered the oddities in the orbit location of its “neighbor” Uran.

Before the Neptune area was visited by the Voyager-2 interplanetary station, scientists believed that he had only three satellites – Triton, discovered together with the planet itself, as well as Larissa and Nereid, dis…

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