Situation Update, Mar. 1st – Vaccine depopulation weapons and the GOP’s pro-vaccine stance against humanity

( Planet-Today ) It’s about time we stated the obvious: The GOP is all-in with the vaccine industry, even knowing that mRNA vaccines are euthanasia shots designed to carry out genocide on a global scale. (Article by Mike Adams republished from With Trump touting his “success” with vaccines during his CPAC speech yesterday, it’s abundantly clear the GOP is now pro-genocide, just like the Dems. No political party values human life anymore, and everyone in the swamp has signed up for the mass killing of billions of human beings. The Dems carry out mass killings via abortion , calling it “women’s health.” The GOP carries out mass killings via vaccines , calling it “public health.” It’s the same policy, and it’s all rooted in Satanism, destruction and evil intent. In today’s podcast, I cover the truth about vaccines as global depopulation weapons, asking why any rational person would vote for any candidate that continues to push vaccines. I have reached the point wh

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