Why The Ghost Of Kate Morgan Still Haunts Hotel Del Coronado

If you are looking for a delightfully luxurious hotel perched on San Diego’s stunning beach, you might be tempted to make a booking at the Hotel del Coronado. However, if you do, you are sure to want to steer clear of the areas of the hotel said to be haunted by one Ms. Kate Morgan – unless you are looking for a truly spooky getaway indeed. The History of the Hotel del Coronado This magnificent seaside resort was constructed in 1888 with the intention of becoming “the talk of the Western World.” On a jackrabbit hunting trip, founders Elisha Babcock (a retired railroad executive) and H.L. Story (of the Story and Clark Piano Company of Chicago) were intoxicated by San Diego’s Coronado peninsula. They dreamed of constructing a massive resort that would attract the crème de la crème of society the world over. It has since attracted U.S. Presidents, international dignitaries, celebrities and royalty, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977. The Coronado has been described in

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