NASA Astronaut Franklin Musgrave Faced With Advanced Alien Civilization

Franklin Story Musgrave, M.D. (born August 19, 1935) is an American physician and a retired NASA astronaut. Over 84 years of his life, a man managed to visit space, serve in the marines, work as a field doctor and engineer, become a mathematician and receive six academic degrees.Franklin has six space flights. During the missions, the man managed to see a lot. Recently, the astronaut told the media that he saw huge UFOs. Outwardly, the ships of the aliens resembled a large writhing snake.The undulating movements of the UFO were mesmerizing. The aliens flew after the spaceship of people. To this day, a person cannot explain what he saw.There is no reason not to trust a scientist, astronaut or military man. One can doubt the words of a not quite sober farmer who swears that he saw something mystical.According to Franklin Musgrave, the team faced a very advanced civilization that had existed for several million years. They are not at all interested in people, so making contact with such …

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