Armada UFO appeared over Porto de Mos in Portugal

June 26, 2018 in the night sky over the Portuguese city of Porto de Mós, local residents witnessed the emergence of a group of unidentified flying objects, which were aircraft of unknown origin, which followed at a small height one after another.

Judging by the shots given to the eyewitnesses, it can be assumed that the objects are triangular in shape, and bright flashing lights flash at the edges.

During the flight this group of UFOs did not make any sounds. The number of UFOs flying over the city reached more than 6 objects. Everything happened at a time when many witnesses were present on the streets of the city.

At the moment it is not established what kind of objects they were. They were not drones or airplanes or helicopters, eyewitnesses of the event are sure of that, but what then was it – the aliens? But why did they make such a demonstration of their presence?

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