The US authorities are trying to confiscate the fragments of the UFO found in Roswell

Frank Kimbler is a geology teacher in high school and a professor of earth sciences at a military institute located in New Mexico in Roswell, when he first came here to live and work, decided to visit the main local attraction, namely the famous UFO wreck site that occurred in 1947 in a nearby desert area.

It was then that he accidentally discovered several fragments of a fallen alien ship. These were small pieces of unknown metal, but had traces of artificial, rather than natural origin.

The geologist conducted a primary isotope study of these fragments in conjunction with the museum and the UFO research center, which indicated that this material has an extraterrestrial origin, but this is not a meteorite or meteorite iron, but some extremely durable, but very light alloy.

The geologist continued to conduct various studies of the material and, according to him, was already very close to the absolute proof that this material was nothing but a UFO chip, when he received a notice from the US Land Administration Bureau in New Mexico that reported. that Kimbler extracted these fragments illegally, without agreement with the state authorities, that all artifacts lying in the ground or on its surface and having historical significance, should be immediately transferred to the federal authorities.

Kimbler hired a lawyer and refused to obey the bureau’s demands for the confiscation of wreckage. The lawyer was able to prove that the demand for confiscation was illegal, simply because the wreckage appeared less than 100 years ago and was created from an alloy that in ancient times could not be smelted by any civilization, however, as modern, it is impossible to replicate such an alloy.

So far the bureau has withdrawn but only for the duration of the trial. The geologist is now very sorry that he himself told about his discovery on the website of the UFO Festival in Roswell, from which the bureau and found out about the presence of fragments of a UFO.

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