Entrance to the underground base of aliens on the Moon

On the side of the moon visible from the Earth, there is a mountain range of the Apennines on the northern part of which the impact crater Arat is located. he got his name in honor of the ancient Greek astronomer named Arat, who lived in the town of Sol.

This crater can be seen even from the Earth, since this is the brightest spot on the surface of the Moon visible from the point of view of the terrestrial observer. There are many pictures of this area of ​​the surface and they are all of different quality. The most detailed picture is available for viewing in the Google Earth Pro service to me and I used it to study this area of ​​the lunar surface.

Near the crater Arat is an unnamed mountain. It is interesting in itself by the fact that one of its sides shows traces of the fact that this part of the mountain was unearthed by someone. And at the very top of the elevation you can see something more strange. Coordinates: 23 ° 57’34.27 N 4 ° 26’36.85 E

This is a square structure with sides of 100 meters each and judging by the shadows on the surface of this “hatch” it can be assumed that its shape is not flat, but pyramidal. an equilateral pyramid of unknown height.

Two protrusions are clearly visible on one side of the chetoregolnik. It’s hard to say for sure. that they represent themselves – the supports of the structure or this is for the purpose of a system of lifting the hatch, the structure. It’s like the usual loops on an ordinary earth hatch in some underground structure.

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