Cigar UFO flew off the coast of California

June 26 this year along the coast of the US state of California flew a large cigar-shaped UFO.

Witnesses managed to capture this unidentified flying object in the southern part of Los Angeles County near the city of Long Beach on the Pacific coast.

Interestingly, when watching the video it becomes obvious that this is the same UFO that was observed the same day over the city of Milpitas, also located in the US state of California, where it flew over a mountain ridge and was shot by eyewitnesses.

Residents of California are already talking about the imminent alien invasion, which they believe will begin in California. There are also those who consider the appearance of these unidentified aircraft, a harbinger of an early natural cataclysm along the line of tectonic faults that have long threatened California with a powerful and destructive earthquake.

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