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Kilauea volcano continues to burn Hawaii

The catastrophe of a UFO on the surface of the Moon

July 27 will be a great confrontation of Mars

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The model of Ancient Rome, the creation of which took 38 years

The figure appeared on the field in the English county of Gloucestershire

The largest jaw of the pterosaur is found in Romania

Sandstorms hit the West

Victims of floods in Cuba were 7 people

Giant cracks tear Kenya to pieces

The mysterious circles in the sky frightened the inhabitants of Latvia

How aliens learn about the existence of people

In Thailand, the dolphin died, swallowing 80 plastic bags

Astronaut published a photo of the Crimean bridge with the ISS

The coal mines in Germany have become a lake edge

Ice rainbow cap over “Alberto”

CubeSat satellites headed towards Mars

Scientists have figured out how microbes survive in NASA’s sterile rooms

Scientists have created thermophysical models of asteroids

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