Since the lockdowns, roughly 122 million more people have been pushed into hunger, and the engineered famines are going to get worse

The United Nations (UN) just published their latest State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) report, and the results are grim. Before the covid-19 scandal, before the 2020 lockdowns, the mass mental illness, the rioting in the streets, and the mass enabling of crime, approximately 613 million people around the world were facing food shortages and hunger.

By 2022 -- in just three short years of lawlessness, mass hysteria, currency devaluation, and money laundering -- the number of people facing starvation grew by 122 million! The report reveals that between 691 and 783 million people faced hunger in 2022, with a mid-range of 735 million facing food shortages. That number is growing everyday as food prices skyrocket around the globe.

Governments are lying: food inflation has long surpassed 8% and the prices are not going back

In the Western world, corporations ensure some form of a food supply for the population, but as raw materials are strained, as global food production, ranching, and farming is consolidated and shuttered, inflation will take a toll so catastrophic, that many can’t even fathom. Prices continue to climb at the grocery store, putting millions of Americans one step closer to the streets, unable to afford basic foods and housing.

Governments continue to lie to the public, ensuring that inflation is only around 8%, but most items from the store have gone up by 50% or more and some items have doubled in price from pre-2020 averages. Prices are not going back down to what they once were. Food inflation is reality and the worst is yet to come. It’s not just due to a natural surge in extreme weather events. Governments are experimenting with the weather, seeding the clouds, blocking out the sun and causing unpredictable consequences. Governments are also engineering famines by targeting livestock, fertilizer, and energy sources.

Nearly 30% of the global population does not have adequate access to food now

According to the SOFI report, nearly 30 percent of the global population (2.4 billion people) does not have constant access to food. Approximately 900 million people are facing “severe food insecurity.” In 2022, 148 million children under five years of age (22.3 percent) were stunted by malnutrition.

This humanitarian crisis is not going to waste. The global elite, who seek to engineer our very behaviors, are investing in genetically engineered crops that are designed to produce animal proteins. They are investing in synthetic meats that are grown from petri dishes in a laboratory setting. They are destroying farms around the globe all in the name of “saving the planet from climate change” while working on ways to mass produce insects to feed the population bugs and their parasites. These psycho global elite have initiated an mRNA platform to inject into populations annually, to reprogram cells that have been starved of nutrition and made more susceptible to the latest lab-engineered bioweapons. These monsters, now taking control over governments globally, have already threatened populations with starvation if they do not comply with these "vaccine" updates to their cells, and the perpetual killing and enslavement of the population. The global elite know who is on the brink of starvation, who is afraid of losing their job, and how easy it is to punish people into submission with these evil plans for total domination and control.

If world events and human behavior can teach us anything over the past three years, now is the time to learn how to grow food and stock up on long term storable foods. The global war that threatens are very livelihood and ability to eat is just beginning. The consequences of this war will be felt for decades to come, as food supplies unravel and chaos continues around the world. 

(Article by Lance D Johnson republished from )

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