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Political strategist Roger Stone has disclosed that former President Donald Trump released about 80 percent of the classified materials regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK).

"Trump released about 80 percent of the material that was still classified," he told Ann Vandersteel during the July 11 episode of her Brighteon.TV program "Right Now." In response, she remarked that the Americans should have learned more about them. Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) has promised to declassify the remaining documents about his uncle's assassination if elected as chief executive.

According to Stone, the Warren Commission told the American people that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had no previous knowledge of JFK's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. However, the now-declassified documents contained a number of interesting things – including a 1099 form the FBI gave to Oswald due to him being a paid informant.

Given this unsatisfactory finding, Congress formed the House Select Committee on Assassinations and probed the matter without the help of the CIA and the FBI. This endeavor led to the passing of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992, which established the release of all documents pertaining to the former president's murder in 2017 – 25 years after its signing.

Stone told Vandersteel he had known this was coming and he had called Trump early in his presidency regarding the JFK files. Trump was reportedly unaware that the release of the JFK files were in 2017 and that he had the authority to stop it. The political consultant eventually convinced Trump to declassify and release the papers.

The political operative also had strong words for those blocking the release of the documents.

"Anyone who is involved at this point no longer works for the federal government. The argument that 'our sources and methods will be exposed' – well, there are no sources alive to expose. If their methods include the murder of an American president, we need to know that. Why is this information classified to begin with?"

Russia conducted own investigation of JFK's murder

Stone told Vandersteel that while Trump had released 80 percent of the JFK files, the remaining 20 percent was withheld at the behest of "the ultimate swamp creature" – former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. President Joe Biden's refusal to release the remaining documents was no coincidence, he added.

"[Biden] did, by the way, to his credit release more and some interesting things. But he still continues to hold something back. And that, in his opinion, these documents should be kept secret in perpetuity," Stone said. Biden reportedly withheld the release of the files over concerns that doing so would jeopardize national security.

The political operative also cited the declassified documents, stating Russia had conducted its own investigation of the JFK assassination. It concluded that then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, who took over the presidency after the assassination, was behind it.

Ultimately, Stone said the JFK assassination does not undermine America's national security unless it possibly exposes the full involvement of the CIA.

Watch the July 11 episode of "Right Now with Ann Vandersteel" below. "Right Now with Ann Vandersteel" airs weekdays at 8-8:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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