KIRSCH: At least one million Americans have been severely injured by covid jabs

Conservatively speaking, it is safe to say that one million formerly healthy Americans are now permanently disabled due to having gotten "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Independent journalist and investigator Steve Kirsch conducted a survey among his roughly 100,000 Substack subscribers back in May which found that a shockingly high number of jab recipients ended up developing serious symptoms. As many as 22 million had to receive some kind of medical attention while at least one million – and likely even more than that – can no longer function as they once did.

Kirsch estimates that around 640,000 Americans died from the shots, which equates to around one death per 1,000 doses administered. Be sure to check out the survey results for yourself.

"I received over 1,000 responses," Kirsch says about the participants in his survey. "The comments are devastating."

Of those 1,000 responses, more than 100 indicated that they are now severely injured with at least 30 different symptoms associated with covid injections.

"Can you imagine going from perfectly normal to having over 30 unusual symptoms in a span of days?" Kirsch asks.

Calling these things "vaccines" is deceptive: they're highly dangerous gene therapy shots

One person whom Kirsch wrote an entire article about is named Marsha Gee. Prior to getting covid jabbed, Gee was perfectly health. Afterwards, she exhibited a shocking 78 of the 100 or so symptoms associated with covid injections.

"That's not just bad luck or a coincidence," Kirsch writes.

Even a year after writing his story about Gee, her condition has not improved. And still, many doctors continue to deny that the shots are causing anybody any harm.

Gee's story is just one of many in which victims were healthy and normal before getting covid shot, but now suffer from a litany of health problems all linked to the injections.

As such, it is a misnomer to still claim "safe and effective" for these things. In truth, calling these things "vaccines" is also wrong in that they are really just highly dangerous gene therapy injections.

"I've never heard anything like this," Kirsch says about people going from normal to 86 new symptoms almost immediately.

The first nurse to get jabbed for covid at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) left a comment on one of Kirsch's past articles, published on May 29, 2022.

"Please help," she wrote. "UCSD has medically separated me from their hospital due to my disabilities ... I was honored to be the first nurse at UCSD to get vaccinated ... and they've turned their backs on me since that very first day."

According to this nurse, nobody at UCSD took her seriously because they continue to insist that the shots are completely safe and effective and that nobody is ever harmed by them.

"They still believe in 'no adverse reactions' from this Pfizer COVID vax. I started dying that day ... and I'm still continuing to fight for my life 17 months later. Thank you."

You can read that nurse's full story here.

Kirsch estimates that the true number of Americans who have become disabled due to covid shots is closer to two million rather than just one million. Pulling from v-safe data, he says that more than one million women and at least 750,000 men can no longer function as they once did – and these numbers are steadily rising every single day.

"If the vaccines are safe and effective, what could cause something like this?" Kirsch wants to know. 

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