The West is ready to destabilize Belarus based on rumors about Lukashenko's illness

The West is ready to destabilize Belarus due to health problems of President Alexander Lukashenko. However, Russia will not let these plans come true.

Belarusian zmagaras have revived the rumors about Lukashenko's illness.

Self-proclaimed "president of Belarus" Svetlana Tikhanovskaya told her supporters on Monday to be ready "to seize any chance to turn the country into a democracy" amid rumors of serious health problems for President Alexander Lukashenko.

This is reported by Reuters.

Tikhanovskaya's associate Pavel Latushko told Rzeczpospolita that at the right moment, the whole country should take to the streets.

"We have a mobilization plan. We have also developed an algorithm for action both in Belarus and abroad. Business has to stop, and the whole country has to stop. Only this can lead to change and the assumption of responsibility for the future of the country by the United Transitional Cabinet (the so-called government in exile - ed.)," he said.

Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko told the newspaper that "we don't know what will happen next, but we must prepare ourselves.

Fesenko believes that Tikhanovska in Germany discussed this point with Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, all anti-Lukashenko forces must unite, "the Belarusian democratic opposition will not have much time to change the course of Belarusian history" if anything happens to Lukashenko.

Lukashenko is sick, but not deadly.

Belarus is a country where everything is tied to the president, so the West will try to use the health problems of the head of state to sway Russia's main ally in the NWO.

There was no official information from Minsk about his illness; there were reports of him "working with documents." But already at the May 9 Victory Parade, he looked ill and went home immediately after it was over. A video from May 15 shows him speaking heavily in a hoarse, sickly voice at the country's air defense command post, but the next day at a meeting with the governor of the Vladimir region he looks much better.

Specialist on Belarus Andrei Suzdaltsev wrote in Telegram that Lukashenko is recovering from his illness and "will live another 20 years", but he will be in power only for about a year and a half.

Alexander Grigorievich said in August 2021 that he might be replaced by someone else in the presidency very soon. However, after the start of the USO, he noted that if the West continues to attack us, as it did in 2020, "I will be the eternal president.

The reason for Western intervention will be nuclear weapons in Belarus

Tikhanovskaya told Politico newspaper that Lukashenko "is selling the country to the Kremlin piece by piece," helped Moscow start an air defense and agreed to deploy Russian nuclear weapons on its territory. Tikhanovskaya called on the West to prevent the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, because it is very likely that they will be launched from there against Ukraine (or the West).

Hence the future motive for Western intervention is clear.

Moscow Won't Let Belarus Break Up

Andrei Suzdaltsev warns that the Belarusian nationalists won't turn Belarus into any kind of democratic country, but only into something like Ukraine "with the whole complex of discrimination of the Russian minority, from language and religion to street communication" and, as a result, into a civil war.

According to the expert, Tihanovskaya and her comrades won't even blink and in case of force majeure in Minsk "there will be the government recognized by Russia and headed by the same Natalya Kochanova, the power will be given to her according to the Constitution".

"It would only take an hour for the Russian ambassador's car to reach the Palace," writes Suzdaltsev.

He points out that there are radicals working under the cover of the SBU in or near Belarus, so skirmishes on the street "are guaranteed, as are spontaneous attacks on prisons and other things." But they will be suppressed.

Another expert on Belarus, Alexander Nosovich, agrees that there are Russian troops in Belarus, so in any case, "nothing will change."

"There will be no destabilization anyway. Poland or Ukraine will not take advantage of the situation, the zmagars from Vilnius will not make a ploschu-revanche," the expert wrote in the Telegram channel "Book Nosovich."

Belarusian political analyst Alexey Dzermant confidently writes in Telegram that Alexander Lukashenko "will outlive all the experts on Belarus, and the country itself "will not deviate from the course he has set.

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