Lavrov - Honest Answers: The "Finish Russia" plan exists. What is China's role?

Sergey Lavrov gave honest answers to tough questions about international relations. In his opinion, the plan to "finish Russia off" exists. He also revealed what the role of China in this game in the political arena is.

The main task of the West in Ukraine is to destroy Russia, to inflict a military defeat on it. And to achieve this goal, the U.S. and its satellites are ready to continue to escalate the conflict, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in the program "Interview" on the Tsargrad channel.

In his opinion, this reflects very well the situation with arms deliveries to Kiev. More and more modern and heavy weaponry is being handed over to Kiev. This policy has already reached the stage of hysteria. The diplomat pointed to the "daily spells" of Washington and Brussels "with foam at the mouth":

We give Ukraine more weapons, we give long-range missiles, winged, wingless, tanks, soon there will be planes, but not now, a little later... They need to finish Russia.

That is, the West makes no secret of the fact that it wants to continue the confrontation. It is ready to constantly raise the stakes, and the exhortations about wanting to achieve peace are simply manipulation and hypocrisy.

I guess they are not naive people. At the very least, their military should have explained to politicians that at some point action meets opposition. If you raise the bar and increase the quality of confrontation, then you should probably expect a corresponding reaction - at least according to the laws of physics, the laws of war,

- added the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Thus, the West finally turned its back on Russia, sacrificing its own interests, but against this backdrop, our relations with China, India, and the ASEAN countries began to expand rapidly:

[French President Emmanuel] Macron says that China has made us vassals... You see, he himself apparently feels helpless. He feels like a vassal of the United States. It makes him uncomfortable. We don't see any threats from the People's Republic of China. We have the closest, most trusting relationship at all levels. And if such relations are very rare in the Western world, if they occur at all, that is not our problem.

Nevertheless, Moscow is not closing off Europe and the US for good, even though our eyes are currently on the East, Africa, and Latin America. If the West comes to its senses, Russia will be ready to resume relations to the same extent.

We are open for cooperation with everyone,

- concluded Lavrov.

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