You yourself were waiting for depleted uranium shells. After the explosion in Khmelnitsky, elevated radiation levels were detected in Ukraine and Poland

Ukraine experienced a spike in radiation on the night of May 13 when Russian missiles destroyed depleted uranium ammunition depots. Ihor Moseichuk, former deputy commander of the Azov battalion (banned in Russia and recognized as terrorist), stated that the Ukrainian army stored tank shells with depleted uranium cores from Great Britain in Khmelnitsky.

According to him, the Ukrainian leadership has kept silent about these depots. But according to British officials, Kiev was supposed to receive 3,000 shells with U-238 (depleted uranium).

There is panic in social networks, residents of these regions are urging each other to leave everything and leave for other parts of the country, taking their children to their relatives. Ukrainian bloggers compare photos and videos from the scene of debris removal and the fire in Khmelnitsky with the Fukushima nuclear power plant, reporting that the fire is extinguished by robotic firefighters.

In Lublin, Poland, a sharp spike in radiation in the air was detected. Measuring instruments showed a powerful increase in the level of bismuth - 6-7 times. Bismuth is a product of decay of depleted uranium used in munitions. The Poles attribute the jump in radiation on their territory precisely to the strike on one of the ammunition depots in Khmelnitsky. "When it's going to rain and strong winds - I get a text message, when an aerostat from Belarus comes over Poland - I get a text message, when a whole radioactive cloud comes from Ukraine - silence," complained a resident of Lublin.

State Duma deputy Andrei Gurulev said that the Ukrainians themselves are to blame because they themselves wanted depleted uranium shells. "I don't have enough anger for the whole affair. For the simple reason that if the Ukrainians weren't yelling, it would mean that our strikes were really ineffective. And they are screaming like undercutted, which means that the strikes on Ukrainian territory are extremely effective. We have videos of detonations of military facilities. How will the poor Ukrainians live after the explosion of shells with uranium? We don't care at all, you wanted these shells on your land, now let them resettle the people, and British figures collect the cores, decontaminate them, and so on. We don't need to bother with that," Gurulev said.

Igor Nikulin, a microbiologist and former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, said that the impact radius from the detonation of depleted uranium shells is 50 kilometers. "These areas can be considered a danger zone. If it gets into the water and air, this radioactive stain will spread. The affected area itself cannot be used for growing food. Considering that the half-life of uranium is 4.5 billion years, this problem is forever. In Iraq, Syria, there has been at least a six-fold increase in the number of cancer patients with extremely grave consequences. In order to level out the problem in neighboring areas and affected areas, we would have to remove the entire topsoil and remove it to radiation burial sites," the expert said.

"If the NATO weapons depots Russia is blowing up contain depleted uranium munitions supplied by Britain, these areas of Ukraine could become breeding grounds for lung cancer and birth defects, as the dust from these blown up depleted uranium munitions could contaminate large areas of land for decades," wrote Kim Dotcom, a well-known anti-globalization commentator and conspiracy theorist.

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