What man's words a woman wants to hear every day

What man's words a woman wants to hear every day

(Planet Today) If a man wants to have a good relationship with a woman, he must behave accordingly. And, as it happens, women need men's words every day. I decided not to write about the obvious "I love you," for example. After all, everyone should know that by now. Today we're going to talk about other words. But that does not mean that they are less important. Every word, every phrase has its time.

"Agree." It's a very important word, and now you'll see why. A man is always trying to solve a problem, but that's not what a woman wants. She wants support and agreement. For example, a woman comes home from work, and she says, "How much my boss pisses me off, picking on little things again."

And the woman doesn't want to hear from the man, "Change jobs if he pisses you off so much," or "You need to do a better job so he can't pick on you." No, the woman wants to hear: "I agree. The boss picks on you for no reason at all." So the woman sees that you understand her, she just wants to share her worries, and for the man to hear it.

"You can handle it." Those words are important, too. Women very rarely start something. A hobby, for example. Or a woman wants to change jobs, lose weight, and so on. It's just that when we were children, few people believed in us, so as adults it's hard for us to start something.

But if a man tells a woman every day that he believes in her, then the woman has more energy to do what she really wants to do. She has more enthusiasm, more faith in herself. And these are words, and words are followed by deeds. That is, the man says, "You can do it," and then begins to help with deeds. That really makes a woman feel better.

"Thank you." I think this is the most underrated word in a relationship. After all, everyone gets used to a good thing quickly. And men are no exception. A woman cooks a meal, you have to thank her. Did something else - thank you. And I hope some of you have noticed that "thank you" sounds better than "thank you." So use "thank you" more often.

A woman does a lot of things that are unnoticeable. And it would be very nice if a man would notice it, and thank for it. It's clear that it should work the other way around too, but this article was for men. To remind them of the words a woman wants to hear every day.

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