Does a man respect his woman or not? Two tips on how to identify it by a man's communication

Does a man respect his woman or not? Two tips on how to identify it by a man's communication

(Planet Today) In fact, it's not just a man's actions that are important, but also the words, the communication. After all, words lead to actions. That's why it's so important to pay attention to a man's words if you're wondering whether he respects a woman or not. In this article, I want to break down two things. And I think that they will be able to safely determine whether a man respects his woman or not.

The first. A man asks a woman her opinion. By saying things like: "What do you think?" or "What would you do?" That is, if a man in communication does not forget about the woman, it means he respects her. And vice versa, a man can communicate with another man about repairing an apartment, for example.

He can communicate and not even ask his woman what and how. He will just say what he thinks is right. And repairs, as a rule, are the thing that affects all the people who live in that apartment.

It's important to pay attention to how a man talks about those things that affect him and his woman. If he puts forward his opinion as the only right one, then he has no respect for his woman. He thinks that her opinion doesn't decide anything, isn't worth anything. And if a man is interested in a woman, asks her opinion, then he respects her.

And that doesn't mean that a man has to be one hundred percent submissive, no. It's just that people in a relationship, if they respect each other, they have to listen to each other, and find a balance, find a compromise.

Second. Also, a man uses words like, "Of course you can," if a woman asks something. If a man respects a woman, he will immediately explain with his own words that there is no need to ask him something. Well, no, it's understandable that there are times when you need to ask a man something, ask permission. But it's when something directly affects the man.

But, things like: "Can I go out with my girlfriends?", "Can I wear these things?" or "Can I go online?" a man should always give permission. Yes, there are different situations, men are very fond of forbidding women to do something. But if a man forbids, it's like he's saying, "I'm smart, I know how to do things better, and you don't understand anything."

I don't argue, sometimes that's really the case, then it's worth listening to the man. But if you are two intelligent and self-sufficient individuals, then it shouldn't be a question of forbidding anything. You are full-fledged personalities, you are not some things that you can quietly manage. And if there is intelligence and respect, a man will say, "I let you do anything, because I trust you. And I'm sure you know everything, you'll do everything intelligently."

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