A man left, but then came back. In what situations does a man come back after a breakup

A man left, but then came back. In what situations does a man come back after a breakup
(Planet Today)If a man left, but then came back, there is an important point. Our memory works in such a way that we forget the bad things and remember the good things. That is why it happens that people break up, a few months pass, and they want to get back together. After all, the bad things are forgotten, and the good things are constantly rolling around in their heads. But as soon as they get back together, all the bad things come to mind. Remember that when you want to get back together. But that's not what we're talking about today. Today we're going to look at situations where a man comes back after a breakup.

When he left on emotion. You know those couples who end their relationship every six months and then get back together and have been doing that for years? Well, it's the fact that the man leaves on emotion that plays a role there. For example, the man didn't like something and sincerely wants to leave.

He slams the door, leaves. A week goes by, and he realizes that he left on emotion. It wasn't a very logical thing to do, because the relationship wasn't that bad. And this is where a man can quickly change his mind. It seems that it is women who are ruled by emotions, but no, sometimes emotions get the upper hand over men as well.

The second situation. When one has realized the value of a connection that has been built up over expensive years. It really is a valuable thing. Yes, there are some quarrels, misunderstandings, but they happened so often that they are already predictable. You understand each other from half a word, you already know everything about each other. And when a man leaves such a relationship, he doesn't think about it.

He can leave, even find a new woman. But he will quickly discover that there is no such connection, and you have to spend years again to get what you had. So the man may realize the value of the connection he had before. He'll think about it, and he'll come back. It happens.

Another situation. When a woman offered to try the relationship one more time. Men are quite proud people. And even if he wants to go back to a woman, it's not certain that he will go and say something. Most likely he won't. But if the woman herself offers to try one more time, it's already more comfortable, you can go back.

So if you are a woman and you are waiting for a man to come back, maybe you should take the initiative? Especially if the man has been alone for a long time, you know he has not found anyone for himself. Chances are he misses a relationship. And a new chance might be just what he needs. It's not a fact, of course, but it's a possibility.

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