What 3 mistakes unnoticed lead a marriage to divorce

What 3 mistakes unnoticed lead a marriage to divorce

Divorce is not always a bad thing. Sometimes people see it coming. Everything happens consensually and smoothly. But one really doesn't want to be in a situation where a person leaves suddenly, where divorce comes unnoticed. And it doesn't just happen, there are always reasons. There are always mistakes that led to it. That's why it's so important to know the mistakes that imperceptibly lead a marriage to divorce. That's what we're going to talk about.

The first mistake is when a person prioritizes work. I'll start with an obvious example. Absent father. The man works for the good of the family. Probably working two jobs or double shifts. And he's been doing it for years. Or maybe he just goes off to work all the time. And so the children don't see their father, and neither does the woman her husband.

You get the feeling that he is never around. There is no stone wall, no strong shoulder next to him. There is just some man who just brings in the money. Or women who devote themselves to their careers. If they're even at home, they're sitting around doing things. And it may seem like everything is fine, doing your part for the family, but in reality, it only destroys the family and leads to divorce.

The second mistake is bad habits that drag on. Let me take one of the most harmless habits as an example: gaming. First a man gets a computer. Then he sometimes plays games. Then a little more, and so on. And so imperceptibly the man falls out of his family. It is difficult to live with such a man, you want a divorce.

Or a woman who is constantly spending money. Money needs to be spent, but sometimes it becomes a bad habit. The woman spends every penny in shopping malls or online stores. At first it starts out harmless, and then all the family money goes there. This is how a reason for divorce is subtly picked up. It is especially imperceptible to the woman, because she does not see the problem, she thinks that all these things are needed in the house.

The third mistake is keeping silent about the problems. I think this is one of the most popular mistakes. After all, as it seems to most people, keep quiet, and then you'll save the marriage. Sooner or later the husband doesn't take out the trash and forgets about his promises. Sooner or later, the woman is always late at work and doesn't want to explain why. The main thing is to keep quiet and keep the marriage alive.

But no, it's the opposite - imperceptibly destroys the marriage. Because these problems accumulate, and at one point someone can no longer tolerate. And the person throws a big scandal. If before everything was fine and quiet, such a scandal is a direct path to divorce, even though a day ago everything seemed fine. (Planet Today)

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