My advice would be to walk away from a woman who does these two things

My advice would be to walk away from a woman who does these two things
We don't have exact statistics, but I'm sure that a very large number of men live unhappily in relationships. Ideally, it would be logical to end the relationship, leave, and try to create something new. But sometimes it can be too late. The man is too used to it, too lazy to change things, and so on. So it is important to see some things in time and leave the woman.

If a woman often talks about leaving. That's a strange point, isn't it? If a woman threatens to leave, you have to walk away from her, sounds definitely strange. Let's look into why that is. There are two factors here. And yes, it doesn't matter if the woman is really threatening or joking.

The first factor is that if a woman talks about it, it means she's thinking about it. She has that option in her head. And that means you can't be one hundred percent sure about her. Maybe tomorrow she'll say for the last time, "I'm going to leave you soon." And she really will. Do you want to waste your time with someone you're not absolutely sure about? It's up to you to decide.

And the second factor is that this is manipulation and humiliation. A woman can manipulate you by saying, for example: "If you don't do this, I'm going to leave you." And understand, if it worked for her once, she will use it in the future.

And the humiliation is that the woman is kind of saying with that phrase, "You're not such a unique man, I don't really hold on to you. I'm above you, I'm a more valuable person, hold on to me." It's humiliating enough. After all, a man has to adjust, to be socially inferior to a woman. I wouldn't want to put up with that for the rest of my life.

Second thing. If a woman discreetly pushes her decisions. A man, more often than not, does as he says. Does what was agreed upon. That's not the case with women. She said one thing and did another. Think back to when the woman first started living with you. How quickly she changed a lot of things in your house. Before you knew it.

And so in so many ways. You agreed with the woman that you do not need new dishes, for example. That it's not worth spending money on. A week goes by, the woman buys one mug. The man will turn a blind eye. A little more time goes by, the woman will buy something else. And eventually she'll do what she wanted. And it's not about dishes at all. I mean, a woman can do that in every aspect of your life.

And here it's important to understand - do you want to live with a woman who does what she wants, not what you agreed to do together? Your voice with such a woman will not be heard at all. (Planet Today)

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