How to react if a person has hurt us?

How to react if a person has hurt us?
Situations are different, and that is why it is not always clear how to react. With kindness, everything is clear. The person has done us good, we need to respond in kind. But what about evil? We do not want to be at the level of this person who has done us evil, we do not want to respond with evil. Otherwise, it may seem that we are no different. What, then, should we do, how should we respond if the person has done us evil?

We have to react out of necessity. That's what I've come to. Sometimes you have to respond with kindness, sometimes you have to feel sorry for the person, sometimes you have to ignore, and sometimes you have to respond with anger. Unfortunately, in our lives, and especially in psychology, it is very difficult to find a recipe for everything for all occasions.

Therefore, each situation must be considered separately. More often than not, evil is worth ignoring. For example, when this evil was received from a person whom you will never see again in your life. After all, it was most likely a provocation, maybe some boorishness. And when you ignore it, you show that the person is worthless with their evil.

And for such a person, such a reaction is the most hurtful thing. And the best part is if we want to respond with anger, too. That's why you have to think a few times about how to respond. Or here's another situation. You have a friend in a very difficult situation in your life. Your wife has left, you have been fired from your job. And this person yelled at you or did something else unpleasant.

First of all, you need to pity him, you need to talk to him. You can't respond with anger, to break up a friendship, for example. You need to understand the person, especially if it is a really close person.

Also, it is worth responding with kindness, if that person has helped you. Yes, he may want to do evil, but something good will come out in the end. A trivial example. You come to work and the person tells you that you don't dress well (to put it mildly). You might say, "Oh, really, I should change my style so I can be seen in a more respectable way, thank you for the advice."

The man will leave you alone, because he will see that you are not offended by this, that you always find the pluses, respond with kindness.

And I understand that the word "evil" is much more than just insults at work or rudeness on the street. I just wanted to break down the simplest examples, the most innocuous ones. But I think these descriptions and these examples can be extended to other occasions in life, to a very wide spectrum (Planet Today).

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