Self-love. How you can tell from a woman that she loves herself

Self-love. How you can tell from a woman that she loves herself

All our lives we have thought about two things: who we love and who loves us. And very rarely has anyone thought about whether they love themselves. I've noticed that it's a really popular topic among women. One wants to understand, "Do you love yourself?" or "How do you know if another woman loves herself?" I think this article will help you understand this topic, figure it out, and make life better.

First: this kind of woman does not tolerate bad relationships (friends, work). Unfortunately, a large number of women live and tolerate. They wait for the man to change. Or when anything changes. But the point is, everyone understands that you have to leave. But why don't many women leave? They don't love themselves. They don't think about themselves, they don't believe in themselves.

They think, "How will a man live without me?" or "How will I find a new man?" If a woman loves herself, she doesn't have those questions. She doesn't want to be patient and waste her years. And she knows that she is worthy of love, so she is not afraid of being left alone.

Second: such a woman loves to please herself. Wanted some little thing that will lift your spirits, while not hitting the budget, she bought. Wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the weather, went and enjoyed it. When was the last time you saw a woman who was just walking around, smiling, bought herself some ice cream or some kind of drink? Just to cheer herself up.

Yes, if you live in a big city, you may have seen one recently. But you'll notice that there are very few women like that. Few who love themselves and enjoy life, enjoy themselves every day. Women think about work, children and so on. She forgets to think about herself, to love herself. Too much to do around. So once again I remind you, women, you still have yourself, you also need to think about yourself.

Another point. If a woman makes time for themselves, then she loves herself. Time to yourself is to read a book in silence, think about life, take a break from people/work. Time to yourself is an important thing. For example, if a woman wants to develop, she will find time for herself. She will read a book, watch a lecture, try new things.

If there is time for yourself, then you can take care of your health. You can take care of your hobbies. In this regard, it is better for single women. You can give a lot of time to yourself. It's important to strike a balance, if you already have a family, a job, then it's not an option to leave it unattended, too. So it's a balance. (Planet Today)

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