Why isn’t Fauci being CRIMINALLY investigated for developing biological weapons that have been deployed against humanity?

(Planet Today) Fox News host Tucker Carlson wants to know why Anthony Fauci is not being criminally investigated for the role he played in unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

During a recent segment, Carlson called on federal law enforcement to immediately launch an investigation into Fauci’s obvious malfeasance concerning every imposition that has come about since this whole thing began.

For instance, where is the science to back wearing a mask? If the “vaccines” do not prevent the spread of the Chinese Virus, then why are people being told to get them? How about the fact that safe remedies exist for the Wuhan Flu that Fauci refuses to acknowledge?

It has been more than a year since the plandemic began and Fauci still has nothing to offer beyond injections, masks, and fear. How is this a true representation of “science?”

“If the vaccines work, why are any vaccinated people wearing masks anywhere, ever?” Carlson asked.

“Seriously. Jeffrey Zients should be required to explain that, slowly and with numbers, so the rest of us who didn’t serve on the board of Facebook can understand. No one’s asked him to explain that, of course, so he hasn’t.”

Zients, in case you are unfamiliar, is China Joe’s “White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.” We are all supposed to believe that he knows everything there is to know about how to deal with covid, even though he never presents any actual facts or evidence to the public.

“[No one] has asked Zients just how effective masks are at preventing the spread of COVID,” Carlson added.

“Our public health authorities act as though masks are absolutely critical. But are they absolutely critical? Where are the serious studies that prove that? Do they exist?”

When did “masklessness” become a privilege?

Another concern of Carlson is the fact that not wearing a mask has suddenly become a “privilege” for those who have been injected. It is not yet a widespread trend but is shaping up to become one.

“When did masklessness become a privilege?” Carlson asked during the segment. “For thousands of years, until 12 months ago, masklessness was the global status quo. Virtually everyone on earth lived without masks. That wasn’t considered weird. Masks are weird.”

Carlson correctly pointed out that wearing a mask is just plain gross, not to mention unhealthy. Having a festering cloth over one’s face all day is not normal, nor does it do anything to protect against viral spread.

According to Zients, however, not wearing a mask, even for the vaccinated, will be “a privilege” granted to American subjects by their “loving” government. After all, mask tyranny is for your own good, we are told.

Carlson likened not having to wear a mask as “a Scooby snack, a gold star, a pat on the head” – a tiny “reward,” in other words, for compliance with the agenda. One may or may not be granted it, though, depending on his or her social credit score.

The Democrats, you see, are sure to try to punish those who at any time defied Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) orders or injections.

“It’s absolutely critical to the existence of our species that you comply with it reflexively, without asking questions or thinking about it,” Carlson joked about such tyranny.

“How long will this terrifyingly irrational exercise continue? For the answer to that question, we go to a man even more partisan than Jeffrey Zients: the nation’s most highly credentialed political operative, Tony Fauci, let us know that, actually, this mask thing is never going to end.”

More related news about Fauci, Zients, and other Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) criminals can be found at Tyranny.news.

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