How soon before evil Amazon requires a “vaccine passport” to deliver anything to your home, including food?

(Planet Today) Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who is now worth over $200 billion, has completely dominated e-commerce for two decades now, and is solely responsible for bankrupting tens of thousands of small-to-mid-sized businesses across America with his online shopping mall monopoly. On Amazon, you can find scum of the earth books and promotional products that promote Antifa, worshipping the devil, pedophilia, and ‘gender fluidity,’ but what you won’t find is anything that exposes the corrupt vaccine industry, and there lies the rub. Amazon literally bans literature about natural remedies while promoting dirty vaccines and chemical medicine that causes cancer and dementia.

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Yes, vaccines are PROVEN dangerous and deadly, especially now with the gene-bending, prion-creating mRNA vaccines for Covid, and you can bet your last Amazon Prime dollar that Jeff Bezos is “all in” when it comes to promoting mandatory vaccine passports. So, then what comes next?

Devastating food shortage on the way soon in America — led by Amazon and IBM

Remember the toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the plandemic? That was nothing. Next comes a devastating US food shortage, led by Amazon and IBM. Jeff Bezos was voted one of the 9 most evil people on Earth in 2019, and he’s been steadily rising in the ranks since. You may also not know that IBM aided Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in WWII with their ‘Death Machine‘ – their genocidal campaign to catalog all the Jews, disarm them, put them on trains to the ghettos, then the concentration camps and gas chambers.

Now IBM is leading the tech charge to create vaccine passports for all humans, thus coercing (soon by military force) vaccination with the most deadly vaccines ever created – the mRNA Covid vaccine series. Amazon will soon follow suit by limiting all deliveries of purchases on their site to humans who can prove they have that vaccine passport. That’s right, the vaccine passport is not just about traveling freely throughout the world or even the USA, but it’s about controlling the populace for the upcoming mass genocide via vaccines.

That’s how the communists in Washington DC plan to take control of the “non-vaxxers,” by controlling their food supply. Once the panic ensues and all the grocery stores and convenience store shelves are bare (that will only take about 48 hours), then the mass violence in all metro cities will unleash, and Amazon will halt food deliveries to all the unvaccinated. That’s the only way the CCP/CDC/Biden Regime can get all the gun owners and land owners to comply with the kill switch inoculations.

Jeff Bezos hates humans and may even be a form of Satan on Earth

Just how evil of a force is Amazon? The question needs to be asked and considered very carefully. The Health Ranger has covered this issue several times, in depth, so now let’s consider all of that in light of the China Virus vaccinations. It’s no doubt the tyrants who stole the POTUS election have the money to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Bezos. Zuckerberg. Gates. Soros. Obama.

They have control of the media and hospitals. They control the school curriculum (elementary through college) and everything you find using Google, but most of all, they control your buying habits. What happens when you rely solely on the people who are about to totally screw you over, by means of your money and your health, all at once? Think about that for a second. Worse than a Great Depression. More like a Holocaust.

Guess what? Jeff Bezos is holding the reins to all of that right now with Amazon. The tech giants control all content of social media, and Big Pharma has the CDC scripting all of mainstream news under one simple narrative (vaccinate everyone for termination). Be very careful who you rely on, from this day forward. Now tune your internet frequency to for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic, as already proven by science.

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