Biden admin going to war with states in aggressive bid by the left to completely destroy women’s sports

(Planet Today) The Democratic Party took up the cause of feminism and “women’s rights” for five decades and actually managed to make a lot of progress in terms of achieving a more equal playing field for women in that time span.

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All-female sports leagues for instance, were among the many achievements beginning in the 1970s when Democrats were still sane and really did seem to have the country’s best interests at heart.

But that was then. Today’s Democratic Party may well be renamed the American Marxist Party because its members are no longer concerned with ‘equality’; what they seek is complete disruption of our society and destruction of our founding values, mores and sense of fairness.

The last war against American cultural traditions is being waged in the states, where Republicans have become the party of protecting women’s rights while Democrats have become the party of destroying those rights.

This issue: Preventing biological men from competing in, and thus dismantling, sporting leagues set up exclusively for biological females. Democrats claim that preventing ‘trans’ athletes from competing against the opposite sex is “discriminatory” and “unfair,” while completely ignoring how allowing physically stronger biological men is “discriminatory” against biological females and incredibly “unfair” because men are historically stronger and more agile physically.

The Biden regime, which is not being run by Biden but is being run in the shadows by the left-wing kooks and Marxists like Susan Rice, is vowing to get involved in these state issues, and of course, on the side of trans students.

The Daily Beast reports:

The Biden administration is preparing to directly confront the rash of anti-LGBT, and specifically anti-trans bills proliferating in state legislatures, according to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the country’s leading LGBTQ advocacy organization.

Separately, the Department of Justice has told The Daily Beast it will “fully enforce our civil rights statutes to protect transgender individuals,” giving hope to campaigners that the DOJ is preparing to challenge in the courts the legality of bills that have been introduced—and some passed—in a number of states, outlawing transgender youth’s access to health care and sports.

Again, to be clear: There is nothing ‘fair’ about allowing biological men to compete against biological women, period. Just a handful of years ago, in fact, even suggesting otherwise would have gotten you laughed out of the room.

Not anymore, obviously; ‘trans rights’ has become the latest cause celebrated among Marxist Democrats because they know it will lead to further decay of our founding American principles and values and hasten the demise of the country, which is ultimately the goal for them (because they are sadistic, lousy human beings).

The declarations by the Biden regime and its highly politicized ‘Justice’ Department come after Biden told Congress last month he hoped “Congress can get to my desk the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ Americans. To all transgender Americans watching at home, especially young people who are so brave, I want you to know your President has your back.”

Yes, Biden has the backs of 0.0001 percent of the population, but not the other 99.9999 percent.

“I’m very thankful for this. But, what does having my back mean? Like, if the bills pass in Texas will you keep them from putting my mom in jail?” Kai Shappley, a Texas trans fourth-grader (yes, now children get to decide what ‘gender’ they want to be) tweeted after Biden’s speech.

“I guess I appreciate the platitudes. But we need action. Things are desperate,” Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice at the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT & HIV Project, egged Biden on in another tweet.

Well, the Biden ‘civil rights division’ at the Injustice Department is going to be busy; there are more than 250 pieces of what we like to call ‘gender fairness’ bills being debated in legislatures around the country.

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