Go out and ABUSE people who aren’t wearing a Covid mask – that’s the message from China Joe’s “science” regime

(Planet Today) In a recent tweet, senile Joe “China” Biden wrote: “If you see someone in a mask, “please treat them with kindness and respect.” Meaning if you see anyone without a mask, do not treat them with kindness or respect. In fact, that probably means they voted for Trump, so you should then go full ‘Mad-Max’ on them and “form a crowd and push back on them,” and “let them know they are not welcome here.”

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Most conservatives know by now that the pandemic was a scam to cast a hundred million “mail in” ballots that were all made in China and used for Joe Biden only. That’s why the mask is a scam too. A control scam. That’s why, according to the China Joe Regime, the “rule is simple, get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.”

Remember, Joe is the one who said before the election that if you vote for him all the violence would stop. Did he mean chemical violence, as in vaccine violence? Because none of the violence has even slowed down, in libtard metro cities especially. In fact, the White House is pushing for more violence from all the vaccinated people. They are all being trained right now like rabid attack dogs.

It’s all propaganda folks, including the China virus plandemic, the gas shortage, the wood shortage, the food shortage, the toilet paper shortage, and Jussie Smollet’s staged attack. Smoke and mirrors. It’s all setting up for turning America into a communist, desolate hell-hole.

Joe Biden says “the choice is yours” – get vaccinated with deadly mRNA prion-creating inoculations or wear a mask forever

Well, Joe, please tell us then how you will know if someone is vaccinated? Will the “authorities” just ask you, or ask for your vaccine passport, or your vaccine bracelet, or your vaccine serial number that’s tattooed on your inner forearm? How else is the “choice” ours, Mr. Biden? Tell us more. Should everyone’s mask be labeled “deplorable” or “high risk for disease?”

The truth is, the vaccines spread disease. The truth is the masks brew disease, bacteria and pneumonia. The truth is that GMO food breeds disease. The truth is that fluoridated water breeds stupidity, brittle bones and cancer. Why should we worry about the Chinese Flu? The death toll is the same as the seasonal flu. Did we need masks and vaccine passports for THAT?

Now, if you’re “fully vaccinated,” then the Chinese Flu Government says you can take off your darned mask, but they didn’t say you have to wait two weeks. This is very dangerous as people are shedding virus fragments and genetically mutated proteins their body is now creating that can infect those around them during the first 14 days immediately following inoculation. It’s called vaccine induced disease, and it’s real, and it’s based on solid scientific facts and research.

There is no herd immunity when everyone is sick, vaccinated and wearing bacteria-infected masks. There is no herd immunity for the people who died from the Covid vaccines, unless the cemetery IS the herd.

The Chinese Flu Government says you cannot catch the Chinese Flu once you’re injected with prion-creating vaccines

Once your body adopts the new mutated gene coding, your cells will begin creating prions uncontrollably. This is why the US government, who loves sick citizens dying of cancer, diabetes, dementia and heart disease, is pushing vaccines so hard, and for free. Realize, there is no money to be made off people who eat whole, organic produce and non-GMO vegetables every day.

There is no controlling people who run their own business, own land and guns, and who take natural supplements for their health. There is no controlling people in “Red” states, where governors finally figured out the mask scam and did away with it for good.

The Chinese Flu Government that’s running the USA right now wants everyone injected with prion-creating genetic codes so they can control everyone, not just the sheeple who already get the flu shot, eat GMO everything, drink tap water and take prescription medications all day. That’s not enough for the Marxists’ master plan. They want everybody to start dying early now, and they’re making it quite obvious. Have you seen the vaccine propaganda bumper stickers and Nazi-style buttons with slogans?

That’s why, the “choice is yours.” You can choose to be vaccinated (to death) or choose to protect your life, health, property and family with knowledge and informed, science-based choices. Just say no (freaking) way to vaccines. That choice is simple. Tune your internet frequency to ChemicalViolence.com for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic.

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