SEGREGATION alive and well in New York as Yankees and Mets baseball stadiums have separate seating for the deniers of the deadly Covid-19 mRNA vaccinations

(Planet Today) Lepers to the right, please. That’s right folks, welcome to America’s pastime, which is still having a significant impact on ‘shaping the nation.’ Anyone coming to the Mets or Yankees games this year who has not been vaccinated with the world’s most deadliest jab must sit in a segregated section of seats. But wait, there’s more. Much more. Not only is this illegal, but its downright insidious. Can’t wait to watch this one backfire on Cuomo and the presidents of those baseball teams, not to mention all the major TV networks.

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What happens if all the fans who aren’t vaccinated that show up at the baseball games are Black? Will they still be segregated? That won’t too look good on television, or be good for ratings, now will it?

Better yet, while they’re at it, why not have a section just for the Jews, since there are so many Jews in New York that attend the games? Also, the Yankees’ logo looks suspiciously like a swastika, if you just spin it a little and add some end lines. That’s why Cuomo should have a design agency tweak that just a little bit, and then add a yellow ribbon for the unvaccinated Jews to tie around their arm during the game, just for easy identification.

To top it all off, while the bigoted freaks in New York are doing the whole segregation thing, they can have a section just for the best looking women, so Cuomo can sit right in the middle and sexually harass them at will, without even losing his job.

Finally, there MUST be a section for the elderly, since Cuomo is so into genocide of the aged and weak (think nursing home Covid outbreaks in NY). This will be labeled “nursing home fans” and comes with a free 32-ounce diet soda chock full of aspartame. Maybe the Yankees and Mets’ snack bars feature nurses jabbing people with mRNA deadly vaccines, which are free, with your purchase of any jumbo-size fries or nachos.

We told you this was coming – Holocaust-style segregation before the big dark storm of genocide

Randy Levine, president of the Yankees, announced it with New York Governor Cuomo just days ago, “There are going to be separate sections for those who are vaccinated.” Of course, the paranoid, vaccinated sheeple are getting that warm and cozy feeling again, thinking they’re just walking into a baseball game where they’re better protected from the black plague of 2021 (not). It’s like the Jews thinking they were walking into a large shower facility when it was really the gas chambers.

Nazi-style segregation is in full effect in New York so the citizens can feel safe. It gets worse. In the vaccinated sections, the seats will be occupied at FULL CAPACITY, to award the ignorant sheeple for their choice to be vaccinated with prion-creating gene therapy shots. That’s right, no capacity restrictions whatsoever, even though the virus travels through the holes in your mask without a hitch (not to mention the scientific fact that vaccinated idiots shed the very virus they think they’re protected against during the first two weeks post-vaccination).

To the contrary, seats in the sections for the lepers (unvaccinated) will be spaced six feet apart, in order to punish them for denying the kill switch inoculations. “Attention all baseball fans in attendance, we need all Jews, Blacks, autistic children, handicapped folks, and the elderly, to head to your segregated seating, this way please. Remember, we’re all in this together!

Victims of the Covid vaccine series must use their Excelsior Pass (NY vaccine passport) developed by Nazi partners at IBM

The Yankees are packing in close to 11,000 fans at their stadium currently, but if they can get more Blacks, Jews and autistic kids vaccinated, they could bring that number back up near 50,000, so the whole baseball league can continue to fund mass genocide and domestic violence, along with the NBA, NFL and NHL. The New York baseball teams are literally offering people a “shot” at a free ticket to the games if they get vaccinated. It’s like genocide lottery in New York. Don’t forget IBM is making these vaccine passports, the same company that helped Hitler track and trace the Jews for sending them to the gas chambers.

Step right up, baseball fans! Try your luck at securing your own death by blood clot. People are getting vaccinated at the baseball games. This is not a joke, as over 2,000 morons are getting jabbed at Citi Field every game. Can you say mad cow disease without coughing into your bacteria-laden China virus mask?

When medicine becomes murder

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, the Biden/CCP Regime is well aware that the last 30 percent of Americans who deny the jab are the hardest part of completing a genocide program. That’s why the Demoncrats dedicated $48 billion of the ‘stimulus’ money to legislation for implementing a national strategy for the complete implementation of the mRNA death shots. This “National Intelligence Program” budget includes $62 billion for the CIA and FBI to aid in the forced vaccination of the remaining dissidents and deplorables.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic.

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