Vaccine passports are a TRAP that sets the stage for Communism rollout across America

(Planet-Today) A popular trap for catching animals uses the foot hold design, where the animal steps in it and the trap grabs it by the foot and holds it indefinitely. It’s a live catch trap also known as a restraining trap because it captures the animal and restrains it for as long as needed. The trap is initially well-disguised and covered with leaves or brush to look and seem natural to the animal. Vaccine passports are very similar to animal traps in the way they are being introduced during this ‘global reset,’ and once they’re all set and activated, there will be NO escape for the trapped animals, the sheeple-people who succumb to the immune-system-destroying mRNA vaccine series.

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No longer will the animals (humans) on Earth be allowed to travel without their forced vaccination papers. No longer will all these ‘wild animals’ be allowed to go to sporting events, concerts, bars, game rooms without a Covid-injection passport proving every mRNA inoculation has been administered and registered by the USA SS vaccine policing system. Vaccine passports are an intricate animal trap system being set up in nations around the world right now. You better get smart fast.

Here is exactly how the trap is being set for the world to ‘step into’ the ultimate tyranny and mass depopulation scheme

It all starts with what they’re calling a “range of evidence around Covid-status certification.” This is where the anti-dirty-vaccine advocates are invited into a ‘friendly zone’ where you can still maybe get a passport, if you just agree to be tested. Of course, most Covid tests are false-positives based on antibodies people created up to a year ago.

Next, the trap gets a little tighter, as you must verify injection status. Here, recent test results might indicate if you have “natural immunity” developed from a “confirmed infection” within 6 months. This is literally impossible to test for accurately, since Covid-19 virus strains are morphing and changing.

Then comes Covid-status certification, which finally would qualify or disqualify the person by classifying them as “high risk” status, which may let them travel or attend events for a short time, but once those rights are taken away, they are never again to return. This is happening right now in the UK and in New York. The clergy in the UK know exactly how evil this trap becomes, in fact deadly, and they have penned an open letter to all the government leaders there, including parliament, beseeching them to stop this madness.

Vaccine passports would mark the end of freedom in America

The globalists are very sneaky. Look how they stole the election using Covid-19 as a cover. The trap is being set for vaccine passports, and anyone who steps in it will be “held indefinitely” by immune-debilitating technology and a government with control of every place you go, with your mask, social distanced, and ready to catch the next virulent version of Covid that may just be the death trap. It’s all part of the plan to turn America into Venezuela, remember?

“As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics,” scream the church leaders of the United Kingdom. This vaccine series is the mark of the beast, a Trojan horse loaded with proteins that turn into prions that make you insane. Science has already shown mRNA can suppress anti-tumor capabilities, thus helping cancer develop. This research was done at Sloan Kettering, no less. Plus, many of the Covid vaccines are causing blood clots. It gets even worse.

This scam of a vaccine can alter human DNA forever. The vaccines aren’t even proving effective, meaning why even take a chance, when it’s likely a deadly trap? Walk around the trap area! Don’t get vaccinated. Eat whole, organic food. Drink clean water. Take supplements like vitamin D, zinc, medicinal mushrooms, garlic, licorice root, oil of oregano, and the list goes on. Stay safe and stay smart. Protect our freedoms and your health at the same time, always.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on “booster shots” for Covid that further alter your DNA and immune system, setting the ultimate death trap for the “inoculated” sheeple.

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