Stunning NASA clip may have captured a UFO slamming into the ISS

(Planet-Today) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration might have recorded an unidentified flying object (UFO) slamming into the International Space Station (ISS) on March 19.

A British UFO enthusiast named Graham claimed that the orb-like object that struck the ISS was “intelligent-controlled.” He explained that the orb appeared to have changed direction after the impact. It also stayed bright while it hurtled back into the darkness.

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“As I was watching the footage, the object struck the ISS close to the camera on the station, I flinched as I was not expecting that to happen,” he said. “The crew was performing a port relocation in the Soyuz craft to move it to the space-facing side of the station to make way for the arrival of the new crew members.”

NASA clip shows weird orb hitting the ISS

The mysterious event was seen on NASA’s livestream of a port relocation maneuver by the ISS crew. A camera installed on the ISS initially showed the Soyuz capsule and a thin film of smoke against a black background. After a while, a white, luminous, “perfectly spherical” orb emerged from behind the capsule and zoomed past it, heading straight toward the space station. The supposed UFO then quickly bounced and changed its direction by drifting to the left.

“The object appears to change course and moves away from the Soyuz and the ISS at increasing speed,” Graham said. “Another thing that I found interesting is the object does not seem to lose any brightness as it approaches the top of the screen and goes into shadow. Is this an indication of self-illumination?”

The UFO enthusiast, who runs a YouTube channel called “Conspiracy Depot,” also noticed an elongated object that darted from the center of the screen. He suggested that this could be “watching over” the ISS.

“I have never seen anything like this to be honest, I have done many videos on my channel of strange things seen from the ISS but this is unique in that it seems to change direction which would indicate intelligent control,” he remarked.

Many viewers expressed their fascination with the footage, saying that the supposed UFO was unlike anything they had seen before.

“I’ve never seen one of these orbs in space either but have seen plenty in videos on earth,” one person commented. “I do think more than likely the cigar-shaped thing is a craft.”

Another agreed that spherical UFOs were common on the planet, and added: “Also anything that doesn’t go in a straight line is definitely intelligently controlled.”

But not all agreed. Others opined that the object was just space debris passing by the ISS.

Disclosures are mounting with upcoming UFO report

Graham surmised that more information on UFO sightings will surface as June draws near. The Department of Defense (DoD) and other intelligence agencies will be submitting a report on past UFO sightings on the first day of that month.

The report was mandated by an order included in this year’s appropriations bill.

Graham also noted that disclosures about past UFO sightings had been mounting recently. Just last month former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe disclosed that the Pentagon has evidence of UFOs that could not be explained by known technology. These included flying objects that broke the sound barrier without a sonic boom. The ex-intel chief revealed that there were more of these sightings than had been made public.

On April 8, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell leaked a video of pyramid-shaped UFOs swarming a Navy warship. An anonymous source gave him the clip, along with pictures of other UFOs and information about a Pentagon briefing on such unexplained aerial events. DoD spokesperson Susan Gough later confirmed that the materials were indeed taken by Navy personnel. has more on UFO sightings.

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