The heavily banned Truth About Cancer docu-series starts TODAY: See this powerful new interview with Charlene Bollinger

(Planet-Today) The cancer industry is going to extraordinary lengths to make sure you don’t learn the truth about cancer, and they’ve suppressed and banned nearly every effort by the TTAC founders (Ty and Charlene Bollinger) to get their lifesaving message out to the world.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

This evening, a new docu-series launches in The Truth About Cancer series. Click here to register and watch it.

Beginning at 9pm Eastern, you’ll be able to watch Episode 1 for 24 hours, at no charge. The first episode is entitled, “The Sordid History of the Cancer Cartel: A Century of Suppression & Censorship.” Each day, a new episode is available for 24 hours.

The next nine days beings you nine new episodes, featuring a considerable amount of never-before-seen footage from interviews with dozens of physicians, cancer patient advocates and naturopathic practitioners.

This is lifesaving information that the CDC, FDA and WHO absolutely don’t want you to ever learn (or to share with a friend). That’s because the cancer industry is a criminal cartel that preys on ignorance, suffering and death. Their goal is to keep people in the dark, and they achieve it through censorship, threats and fear propaganda… just like the media does with covid!

It’s all the same scripted psychological terrorism blueprint, and it’s designed to strip power away from people and concentrate it in the hands of the cancer industry criminal cartel leaders who pocket tens of billions of dollars in profits every year, all while watching people needlessly suffer and die.

It’s time to end the medical tyranny in America and around the world. Restoring our health freedom begins with learning and sharing powerful, lifesaving information that saves lives and prevents people from becoming the latest victims of the for-profit cancer industrial complex.

You can learn the truth and help save lives — possibly even your own — by learning this heavily censored information from The Truth About Cancer docu-series, which begins tonight.

Register with your email (it’s free) at The Truth About Cancer (click here).

A few days ago, I sat down to interview Charlene Bollinger, the co-founder of TTAC. This is a powerful, uplifting interview about human healing, hope and faith. Listen to this interview to understand the power of the TTAC movement and why the truth will set us all free.

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