MASKLESS Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference was Fauci’s worst nightmare because nobody died

(Planet-Today) More than 4,500 people converged in Tulsa, Okla., over the weekend to hear Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and dozens of other speakers talk about health and freedom issues. Nobody wore a mask at the event and nobody got sick or died, which just goes to show that Anthony Fauci’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic narrative is an absolute fraud.

One would think that a “superspreader” event such as this would have resulted in dozens of new “cases” of the Chinese virus, especially since nobody was covering their mouth and nose with health-destroying plastic. Everyone was just fine, it turns out, even though there was plenty of face-to-face interaction, hugging, and other normal human activities.

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How can it be that event speakers and attendees were not dropping dead all over the place? If masks and distancing really do protect people against the Wuhan flu, then the place should have been a giant morgue. And yet those who were there are now healthier, it could be argued, than they were prior because engaging with other humans through interaction and touch is life-giving.

Listen below as Adams tells all about what took place at the event, including behind-the-scenes observations about how people behaved. It was almost as if there was no plandemic at all during the event, which is exactly the point of all this.

If the Chinese virus was really still a threat, everyone at the conference would now be sick or dead

What seems to be clear at this point in time is that the plandemic only still exists within the minds of people who believe it exists. For everyone else, including all of the attendees and speakers at the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference, life is as normal as it can be, all things considered.

What the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference proved is that Fauci is wrong. There is no need to continue living in fear about a scary, invisible virus, especially when the only people still getting sick or dying are those who recently got jabbed with a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection.

It is safe to say that few, if any, of the speakers and attendees at the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference have been vaccinated. Most of them probably also never wear a mask unless forced to at Costco or on public transportation.

Adams, by the way, drove to Tulsa in order to avoid having to wear a mask on a commercial airline. Rather than restrict his natural breathing, Adams chose to exercise his right to drive freely without a mask, and he is still alive and kicking despite disobeying Fauci’s orders.

As word gets out about the maskless Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference, Fauci’s narrative will only further collapse. More Americans will come to the realization that they can safely remove the mask, hug their friends and family, and live their lives without fear.

Adams also got the chance to speak behind the scenes with the Resistance Chicks about other elements of the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference that attendees and viewers may not have seen. Be sure to watch below:

You can also check out the latest “Situation Update” with Mike Adams to learn more about the event:

As this writer has been saying all along, masks are nothing more than a symbol of slavery. They do not protect against viral transmission and if they did, scientists who work in top-level biosafety labs would ditch the full-body biohazard suits and simply slap on a face covering.

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