The tyranny is spreading: Militarized Minneapolis ahead of Chauvin trial now looks like D.C., which is no longer accessible to the people

(Planet-Today) The longer Democrats remain in power, the more America has begun to resemble a militarized police state akin to a third-world banana republic.

Following the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, D.C., which the Donkeys falsely labeled an “insurrection” that was ‘incited’ by former President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in collusion with the left-wing Capitol Police chief, installed a tall fence laced with razor wire around the entire complex, staffing it with thousands of cops and National Guard troops.

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Initially, we were told, the Guard troops — as many as 27,000 at one point — were only going to be deployed long enough to ‘protect’ Joe Biden during his inauguration from the ‘white supremacist’ hordes and ‘militias,’ all of whom are Trump supporters, of course.

But when those ‘attacks’ didn’t materialize, the troops didn’t go home; some states recalled theirs, however, thousands of others remain. It’s not clear when or even if they will be dismissed at this point, because Pelosi and the rest of the liars in her party are insisting that Trump-aligned “domestic terrorists” are going to come streaming out of the woods surrounding D.C. and take over the country by force.

Now, the same situation is developing in Minneapolis as the first trial of a police officer involved in George Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, prepares to get underway.

The Washington Examiner notes:

Minneapolis will prepare and fortify key government buildings ahead of the first trial over the death of George Floyd while in the city’s police custody.

Additional law enforcement and National Guard forces are expected to arrive in the coming days as preventive preparation for the city of Minneapolis after weeks of civil unrest and property damage sent the city into turmoil during the summer.

Security fencing and barricades will be brought to cover government buildings ahead of the trial, said Hennepin County Board Chairwoman Marion Greene.

“We want to make sure that it’s understood in the community that what we are working to do is preserve safety for those involved in the trial to ensure that the trial can proceed without any hindrance or disruption,” he told KSTP this week.

FOX9 reporter Paul Blume tweeted photos of barricades and barriers that are being set up to provide “Super Bowl-like security” around the courthouse and surrounding area.

Jury selection began March 8; Chauvin faces second-degree murder charges for his part in using his knee to pin Floyd to the pavement for nearly nine minutes, which later led to Floyd’s death, according to prosecutors.

Now, given what happened in Minneapolis after the Floyd incident — the city exploded in violence, rioting and looting — deploying extra security is understandable. The Minnesota National Guard was eventually called into help local police regain control of the streets in the days after the riots began in late May 2020.

But are militarized streets in American cities going to become the new norm? That’s very likely — at least in blue states and cities — and here’s why.

For all their accusations against Trump being a ‘tyrant,’ in reality it’s the Democrat Party that is full of authoritarians. That’s why Pelosi has troops still deployed in D.C.; authoritarians like to be protected.

And frankly, Democrats probably feel like they need to be, given that their far-left policy agenda is not popular with most of America (and Biden didn’t really ‘win’ the presidency in the first place).

America is changing — rapidly, under the left’s control — and not for the better. If we don’t slow the militarization, the cancel culture, the ‘wokeness’ and the destruction of societal norms, our country will break apart, just like every other country that has undergone such seismic changes.

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