The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of A 8 Year Old Boy Near Sweden In 1922

The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of A 8 Year Old Boy Near Sweden In 1922
In 1922, an 8-year-old Swedish boy decided to play with a classmate after school and then walked home past a peat bog and a forest. Suddenly, he became an eyewitness to a very strange event, which he decided to tell reporters only dozens of years later.

Outside Sweden, this story is practically unknown, while it is very interesting for everyone who is fond of ufology.

It happened a very long time ago, in 1922. It was an ordinary spring day. 8-year-old boy Osten Engstrom lived with his parents in the small village of Orsta, southwest of the Swedish city of Kolsva.

Since it was already quite warm and the snow had almost melted, after school Osten, together with his classmate friend Holger, decided to play in the yard near Holger’s house. After that, Austen went home.

He had to walk about 3 km to the house, it was a rural area, where the fields intersected with the forest. Osten was too lazy to go home and decided to take another walk in the nearest forest. He walked past the peat bog and just wanted to enter the forest when something that remained a mystery to him forever happened.
The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of A 8 Year Old Boy Near Sweden In 1922

Suddenly, different animals began to run out of the forest: deer, hares, moose, squirrels, badgers, and others. There were a lot of them and they fled on purpose as if someone was following them. They ran towards the peat bog when the sky suddenly darkened strongly and then a strange light appeared above.

“I looked up and saw three gray objects hovering silently above me. They were so close to me that I could easily throw a stone at them. The objects pulsed as if they were breathing, and I saw two dark lines on them. , above the forest, two more objects floated. They were larger and darker than those that were above me. “
The kid’s drawing describing the incident
The kid’s drawing describing the incident
More Austen did not have time to see anything, as he lost consciousness or was deliberately “knocked out”. When he woke up, he was lying on the road near the forest on the ground and the time was already evening and much colder than during the day, the boy felt that he was very cold.

Osten felt strange, as if he had worked for a long time and was very tired. It was very difficult for him to get home, and on the way he noticed that it was already 19:30 on the clock, that is, about 4 hours had passed since he saw the animals running out and flying objects.

Somehow Osten made his way to the house, where he had to tell his worried mother where he had disappeared. And no one believed him, because, as it turned out, they had been looking for him for several hours.

Back at 15:30, Osten’s older brother, Gustav, rode a bicycle to school, where he was told that Osten had gone for a walk to Holger’s house. After that, Gustav drove to Holger’s house, where he was told that Osten had gone to his home. Then Gustav drove along the road on which everyone usually walks, including he drove past that very peat bog and forest, but he did not see anything strange there.

Considering that the time was still bright, there was no chance that Gustav could somehow fail to notice Osten lying on the road, unless, of course, the boy was lying there, and not somewhere else. 

What happened to the boy? Where was he these four hours? Now ufologists will boldly say that the child was cornily abducted by aliens, but in those years no one believed Austen, he was considered a liar who was just playing somewhere in the forest and did not notice that it was too late.
The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of A 8 Year Old Boy Near Sweden In 1922
Only very many years later, in the 90s, when the topic of UFOs and aliens appeared regularly in the newspapers, the aged Austen Engstrom decided to tell his story to journalists. An article about her was published on June 15, 1996 in the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”.

Here are some of Osten’s responses from that interview:

“Where was I at those hours? I estimate it was about four and a half hours. I didn’t get home until half past seven or seven in the evening. I was almost whipped because they thought I was lying. They sent me to bed. and then I felt so bad that I stayed in bed for 4 days. Perhaps I caught a cold while lying on the cold road. “

“It looked like all three objects pulsed at the same time. Just like the organs of an octopus work. They absorb water and move by blowing it out. It looks like the objects were using the same technique. They moved very elegantly, changed direction and seemed to control this pulsation.” …

“Where was I? Gustav rode his bicycle to this place while I was lying and he did not see me. I thought about it many times.” 

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