CGI-Biden announces that American families are NOT PERMITTED to gather together in their own yard, not now or for July 4th, unless everyone is Covid vaccinated

CGI-Biden announces that American families are NOT PERMITTED to gather together in their own yard, not now or for July 4th, unless everyone is Covid vaccinated
(Planet-Today) That’s right folks, our digital avatar fake president, resident Biden, who’s gone senile and can’t even appear in public without a green screen and holograms to pretend like he’s functional, is telling all Americans right now that it’s illegal to gather with your family, in your own yard, and have a barbecue.

That warning extends out through July 4th weekend, 2021, unless every adult American gets stabbed multiple times with the dirty mRNA vaccines.

Watch for yourself here:

CGI-Biden is fake. He’s computer generated, just like his fake 80 million votes for president. He may already be dead for all we know. Maybe he died before the election and he’s now just a hologram president who rules us from the grave (and from Communist China). Anyway, expect the SS police to arrest you and your family should you gather on your own lawn for any reason before the entire country is force vaccinated with the most deadly inoculation ever created.

Realize that the mRNA vaccine prevents the human body from fighting cancer, as detected and documented by Sloan Kettering, as it inserts tumor suppressing proteins into your cells, and that’s why the new communist government must threaten all Americans with their own freedom, on their own land, at their own homes, to get the jabs, or else face jail time.

A fake Biden, a fake pandemic, a fake election, and a fake vaccine

Let’s face it folks, when it comes to politics, health, war and safety in America, you can always count on being lied to by the US government and media, especially now that Trump has been ousted. You may never see the actual human being named Joe Biden walk, speak, or interact with humans again, only computer-generated imagery imposed over green screen images. Also, there may never be an actual war based on protecting Americans again, only fake ones that brainwash Americans to support their own demise and the destruction of the Republic.

The whole pandemic is based on a deadly disease that could have supposedly wiped out civilization as we know it, yet the ONLY people dying from it are those who are already severely immune-compromised by cancer, diabetes, or prescription medications. You also may never see a free and fair election in this country again, as long as cryptic dark-web software is being used to tabulate the votes, like the Dominion Voting Machines controlled by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP).

You are not allowed to speak your mind, walk outside, or enjoy any entertainment in America if you do not get the Bill Gates dirty vaccine series

You will be banned from all social media platforms indefinitely should you criticize the dirty vaccines that are being pushed by the CGI-Biden regime. You are not living in a free country anymore, according to the Democrats. You are living under a medical tyranny where forced medical intervention is required for you to be able to even walk out of your front door onto your own property. The federal government is outright declaring live and on video that you have no right to gather with your family at your home, until they say the coast is clear.

Because the Covid flu comes around all four seasons of the year, nobody will ever be “safe” again, until you’ve been injected with genetically mutated lab concoctions that control your immune system and can shut it down at any time. The Wuhan flu is now in control of your family, your children, your job, your land, your home, your possessions, your right to speak, your right to write words on the internet, and your right to own a gun. You are a domestic terrorist if you disagree. Do you disagree with CGI-Biden? Get ready to serve jail time if you do.

There will be no “Independence Day” for America, unless everyone gets injected with the dirtiest vaccine ever made. Tune your internet dial to for updates on ways to outsmart the Wuhan virus boondoggle and the CGI-Biden CCP regime.

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