Snowfalls in Cyprus

Cyprus: It snowed in the Troodos mountains, and the temperature has dropped by more than 10 degrees since Tuesday.

After a brief summer period, with temperatures rising to 26 degrees Celsius in previous days, Cypriots woke up on Wednesday with cool weather as the inland temperature is expected to reach 17 ֯ C, which is three degrees below the average at the end of March.

A meteorological office spokesman said there will be no hot weather in Cyprus as temperatures are expected to rise below 17 ° C on land and 18 ° C on the coast on Wednesday. In the Troodos mountains the temperature will be up to 8C.

On Wednesday night, temperatures will drop to 9 ֯ C on land and almost zero in the mountains.

Cyprus will continue to be colder than usual on Thursday and Friday, with daytime temperatures ranging from 14 ° C to 6 ° C at night. The maximum temperature in the mountains is not expected to exceed 8 ° C until the weekend.

More snow can fall in the mountains on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures next week are likely to stay below 20C.

Meanwhile, police on Wednesday warned motorists to be careful, drive at low speeds and keep their distance from other vehicles in the mountains due to snow and ice on the roads.

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