Heavy snowfalls hit Turkey

Istanbul has been hit by snow, an unusual occurrence at this time of year in the country’s most populous metropolis, with two short but heavy snowfalls in the past two months.

Turkey again faced a cold front and Istanbul was covered with snow, and untimely weather conditions stopped traffic in the city, while other cities were hit by heavy snowfall.

Precipitation first hit the Asian side of the city and then shifted to the European side, bringing the already congested morning traffic to a halt in some places. Although the weather forecast warned of snowfall, most people expected it to be a temporary period of the month, which is usually associated with warm, if not very hot weather.

Frustrated drivers had to wait for hours, especially on the Asian side of the D-100. The road connecting the Arnavutkei and Khadymkei districts on the European side was closed to traffic when a truck, drifting on an icy road, overturned.

The motorists were stuck for some time, as the snowblowers sent to the area were unable to reach it.

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