This Is The Flower Which Can Save Your Life, And You Are Only Using It To Decorate The Garden

Many of us, including myself, don’t know how much benefits we can get from this amazingly looking flower. We usually use it to decorate the garden and our home but we don’t know how much powerful nature can be. Read here how to use this flower for health benefits besides the beauty in the garden.
The powerful flower called Buganvilia , in other countries is also known, like Santa Rita, Veranera, Trinitaria, these names are given according to the region that you belong to, but in the end it is the same plant and perhaps did not know that this Plant, which we normally use to decorate in our homes could save our lives.
Let’s talk a little about this plant, the Buganvilia is a beautiful plant of the climbing or entanglement type, which grows on any soil as it adapts to all kinds of climate, this can grow very high depending on its variety can reach 12 meters in height. The hallmark of these beautiful flowers is their bright and striking colors, which makes them stand out above any other.
On the other hand, both in central Mexico and in the south, the benefits of the bougainvillea are exploited, demonstrating that this plant has positive effects on the organism.
For today we will know everything that surrounds the buganbilia, to the point of knowing its medicinal properties and health benefits. And is that the buganbilia not only serves to color our gardens but is capable of transforming our body.
-Antitussive: Decreases a dry cough.
–Expectorant: Helps remove mucus from the upper respiratory tract (larynx, pharynx, bronchi).
-Antipyretic (fever decreases): The antipyretic effect of bougainvillea is practically instantaneous.
-Improves the respiratory system: It contributes to the proper functioning of the lungs and their ability to oxygenate the body.
-It helps to balance the digestive system: In this case, it is not the flowers but the roots and the leaves that take center stage. In the case of the roots, these have a laxative effect, while the leaves cause constipation. Depending on the condition, we can choose one or the other option.
-Promotes skin care: Bugambilia is recognized for its antiseptic properties, especially on the skin, so it helps to combat acne, infections, and desquamation. If you have acne or have a peeling skin that usually has bacteria, with the antiseptic effect of the bougainvillea, you can keep it clean and away from bacteria that cause those rashes. In addition, it will help control the toxicity of the skin by cleansing it in depth.
-Accelerate healing: To achieve this, it is only necessary to soak the wound in a cold infusion of bougainvillea flowers.
-Purge : For those who want to detoxify their body of toxic material, it can be obtained thanks to the buganvilia, because it can help cleanse us inside and thus make our organs, such as the liver, work much better after detoxification.
Cut the fresh flowers directly from the plant and wash them with plenty of cold water to remove the impurities. Boil a saucepan with water and when it boils, place the flowers inside. Remove from the fire when the water changes its color to a hue that resembles the hue of the bougainvillea flowers being used, let stand for a few minutes and then strain the preparation. It is advisable to add a spoonful of honey to the infusion.
Remember that the infusion is consumed very hot.
We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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