Remedies With Eucalyptus For Chronic Rheumatism And Strong Coughs

Eucalyptus smells amazing and it calms our senses in a natural way. But, besides smelling perfectly it can help you cure your chronic rheumatism and strong and persistent coughs. You probably didn’t know about the health benefits, but don’t worry, you can read here and treat your pain naturally.

The eucalyptus is a tree belonging to the family of mirtáceas Eucalyptus leaves are used lanceolate, which are collected from April to September.

Its main components are eucalyptol, cineole, pinene, tannin, fatty acids, aldehydes and hydrocarbons.

Its fruit is a woody capsule with leaflets that open at the top to release many small seeds.

Although this plant is native to Australia and Tasmania, it is currently cultivated in the tropics and in southern Europe.

Before the spread of malaria was fully understood, eucalyptus was considered a magic tree that purified the air and thus removed the disease. Now it is known that this tree has a great capacity to absorb the water of the marshy ground which contributes to the elimination of the habitat for the reproduction of the mosquito.

Healing properties of eucalyptus

Leaves are particularly effective antiseptic, astringent and balsamic properties in cases of intermittent fever and respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and colds.

From the leaves, a colorless or pale yellow essential oil is extracted, but it has a flavor and has a refreshing, penetrating, stimulating and somewhat medicinal aroma and from which preparations are prepared for friction and inhalation.

If the oil is added to the water it can serve to gargle and relieve a sore throat and pharyngitis, or it can be used to do mouthwashes and treat mouth ulcers and gum upheavals. Consequently, eucalyptus oil is an ingredient in many commercial types of mouthwash. This oil has also been used to destroy house dust mites and flies.

It is important to note that about 25 kilograms of leaves produce 500 grams of oil.

Popular remedies with eucalyptus

Remedy to improve the nasal mucosa in the cold and flu processes: Boil a handful of eucalyptus leaves in a liter of water for about 10 minutes. Then, vapors should be inhaled.

Remedy against chronic rheumatism: Make warm baths prepared with eucalyptus leaves.

Remedy for strong coughs # 1 : Apply hot foments of eucalyptus tea around the neck, changing them when they start to cool

A remedy for strong coughs # 2 : Mix equal parts of eucalyptus, marshmallow, mallow and elderberries. In a bowl containing a liter of boiling water, add a tablespoon and simmer for 5 minutes. Rest for 10 minutes, strain and take warm in small sips, three or four times a day.

The remedy for strong cough # 3: Boil 1 eucalyptus leaf, a licorice root of 10 cm. Long, 10 gr. Of gram in 1/2 liter of water for two minutes. Strain and take a warm cup three times a day.

Remedy for bronchitis Mix in 150 cc of alcohol of 90 °, 1 gr of lavender essence, 2 gr of pine and thyme essence, 4 gr of eucalyptus essence. Practice steam, pouring 1 tablespoon of this mixture into a bowl of boiling water. Perform this remedy 2 to 3 times a day

Remedy for the cold # 1 Mix 15 gr of turpentine essence and 15 gr of eucalyptus tincture and pour 1 teaspoon per bowl of boiling water. Practice Puffs

A remedy for cold # 2 Mix 1 g of camphor, 5 g of eucalyptus essence, 10 g of pine essence, 25 g of mustard, 20 g of glycerin in 90 g of alcohol of 90 °. Rub the chest in the morning and at night with this preparation. Not suitable for children under 10 years

The remedy for the cold # 3 Leaves to macerate for 10 days, in 250 gr of wine, 20 gr of thyme, 3 gr of marjoram, 3 gr of lavender, 3 gr of cinnamon in the branch, 3 gr of mace, 15 leaves of eucalyptus and 10 gr of marshmallow root. After that time, add a syrup prepared with 550 g of brown sugar and 600 cc of water. Mix and let macerate for 2 more days. Strain. Wait 3 months before using; Usually prepared at the beginning of summer, to have it already prepared in the autumn

The remedy for diphtheria: Make baths that contain eucalyptus to facilitate breathing and the discharge of secretions.

Remedy against lice: Pour 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves and 2 of eucalyptus in a liter of water. Boil for 10 minutes and remove from heat. Let cool and add the juice of a lemon as a rinse.


Do not use eucalyptus oil during pregnancy, if you suffer from hypertension or epilepsy.


It is extremely healthy to have eucalyptus trees around the house because their emanations avoid many diseases.

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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