My Bones Were Reconstructed and Rejuvenated 20 Years Younger With These 3 Ingredients!

Your bones can be reconstructed and rejuvenated easy, simple and using all natural ingredients. We need this to feel pain free and be able to perform our daily duties. Many people have problems with their bones and they prevent them from doing the simplest things. Here you can find out how to reconstruct and help your bones.

When we refer to calming the pain or healing bones and joints, we talk about a very important issue. The bone structure is responsible for supporting the entire body, protects the brain, heart and other organs. In addition it is responsible for storing minerals vital for our organism. Learn to make a home remedy to heal bones and joints.

Some specialists say that bone pain does not exist, that what they hurt are the joints. Others claim that it is through this symptom that bone cancer, fractures and fissures are detected. Some people further assert that bone pain can predict the most time, rainy or wet days. The truth is that bone pain is a nuisance and a symptom that must be taken with great seriousness.

When bone or joint pain is not caused by arthritis, both rest and exercise are important. Warm baths, massages and stretching should be used as often as possible.

Let’s see what are the possible causes of bone pain and know the millenarian recipe to calm pain and in some cases to heal bones and joints.

Home remedy to heal bones and joints.

Generally when we say that our bones hurt, we can be confused and in truth are joint pain, one of the main causes of this type of discomfort is osteoarthritis. This pain is caused by progressive wear of the cartilage of the joint, which causes the bones to rub against each other.

Any joint can be affected such as, shoulders, hands, knees, hips, waist, neck, etc. On the other hand, back pain, especially in the lower back, may be due to poor posture, heavy lifting or nervous tension. It can also be a herniated disc, which if located in the lower back, will cause pain in the legs.


-150 ml of alcohol

-50 ml of iodine

-10 tablets of aspirin 300 mg


Mix alcohol well with iodine.

Then add the crushed tablets (made of fine powder).

Mix everything well and leave the remedy to heal bones and joints in a dark place for 21 days.

How to use:

We will use it directly on the area that we want to heal bones and joints. We will put a good amount of remedy on the affected area and after this, we will perform gentle massages, until the remedy has been absorbed. And depending on where the pain is located, it can also be done in the form of compresses.

In addition to using the remedy to heal bones and joints , people with pain can also follow the following recommendations:

  1. Control weight:Being overweight adds an additional burden to the bones and joints.
  2. Perform physical activity:the most recommended to heal bones and joints are maintenance gymnastics, stretching and swimming.
  3. Increase calcium intake:(also consume products rich in cartilage), we should regularly ingest foods such as wholemeal, sesame seeds, chia, etc.

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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