Scientists clarify diplodok diet

Chimps can share food

UN warns of drought and food shortages due to global warming

A huge iceberg is ready to break away from the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica

In Brazil, lightning killed four children in a boat

Attempts to get in touch with the Opportunity rover will continue until January

The victims of Hurricane “Michael” in the United States were 13 people

Gravity pushes Etna towards the sea and it is dangerous

As a result of an avalanche in the Himalayas, nine climbers were killed

Due to the threat of flooding in southwest China evacuated 10 thousand people

Because of the Soyuz MS-10 accident, the ISS may switch to unmanned mode

Lizards have dreams too

Astronomers first saw the birth of a double neutron star

Callum Storm in Ireland and the UK

Mountain landslide in China

In Japan, the house fell fragments of a meteorite

Unique fossils can tell how dinosaurs became so big

The interstellar Oumuamua object may not be a comet

The plants showed “feelings”

In the center of the galaxy NGC 2356 found a huge amount of dark matter

Landing “Hayabusy-2” on the asteroid is postponed for several months

Scientists confirmed the possibility of data transmission using gravitational waves

Ancient Egyptian pigment will increase energy efficiency

Somali cave fish shed light on our origins

New material recovered by carbon in the air

America’s first farm where robots work instead of humans

Dwarf Planet Ceres squint 36 degrees

Hurricane “Michael” has become the strongest since 1992

The company Coca-Cola called the main polluter of the planet

Discovered the oldest mention of Jerusalem

Biologists raised a fly with dinosaur-era genes