Scientists warned of the threat of an early extinction of killer whales

In Australia, a crocodile hid for six months in the sewer

The number of earthquake victims in Indonesia has increased to 48 people

Engineers are concerned about the state of Opportunity

A mechanism has been created to store information in one atom

The cats turned out to be bad rat hunters

NASA is planning a new project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence

A project to decipher the DNA of a million people is starting

The new record of the magnetic field ended with the explosion of the laboratory.

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Sulawesi

How to pave the tunnels for high-speed railway

The warming of the Arctic made the tundra more “high”

Iceland woke up Katla volcano

The NASA found the Mars rover Opportunity

NASA is testing miniature satellites for tracking storms

The Arctic disappears

In Australian Queensland, a part of the popular beach went under water

The moon, planets and satellite gathered around the Milky Way

Scientists have discovered a body that is young at the onset of old age

Scientists revealed the mystery of anomalies in the radio air of the Second World War

In the Indian state Himachal Pradesh because of the showers were lost 45 people

The Schrodinger cat helps to explain the riddles of life

Hurricane “Florence” left hundreds of dead fish on the highway

The Antarctic greenhouse opens up new opportunities for the colonists of the Moon and Mars

In Indonesia, Anak-Krakatau volcano woke up

7 people were killed by floods in the Mexican state of Michoacan

Scientists have discovered the benefits of cocoa

In the Italian Tuscany, 600 hectares of forest are burning

In Romania, the first snow fell

How the Sahara can provide energy for the whole world

Scientists: 700 million years ago, the skeleton existed not only in microorganisms

Night lighting changes the behavior of fish

Astronomers have figured out what the green planets look like in a telescope

The mystery of the “Well of the Torah” is revealed

Nature included a mechanism for self-regulation

The ancestors of modern butterflies had jaws

Ancient Mars was suitable for subsurface life, scientists

Satellites of Mars formed as a result of the fall of the asteroid on the planet