Bill Gates Warns "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn't Prepare For Coming Pandemic

Study Confirms Human DNA Absorbs GMO Foods

The sky over California was adorned with a rare “fiery rainbow”

Astronomers have seen the megalisation of galaxies

The girl got into the year 3800 and took a photo of the “dead world of the future”

Depression can be inherited

Lazarus Syndrome

The mystery of the ancient temple Naupa Iglesia

NASA published a photo of a large red spot on Jupiter

A long geomagnetic storm is predicted on Earth

On the volcano of Marapi there was a phreatic eruption

An unusual UFO was observed in the Park Do Carmo, Chile

NVIDIA’s neural network can return the missing details on the photo

Horses remember expressions of human faces

It is proved that meteorites could bring water to the young Earth

Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred in Venezuela

Over 211 thousand people were evacuated because of floods in Kenya

The problem with water on the ISS was explained by the scum

A number of supermassive black holes can live in the Milky Way

Peru found mass sacrifice of children

Scientists have learned to keep the brain alive outside the body

South Korea has created a 3D printer for food printing

As augmented reality will change the life of sports fans

In China, there was a “cloudy tsunami”

The coastal areas of Texas were frightened by a warning about the tsunami

Flood in Algeria

A sudden flood struck Israel

A powerful flood struck Damascus in Syria

Giant captured on video in Northern Afghanistan

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