In Italy, they found the skeleton of a medieval man with a knife instead of a hand

Air pollution increased the risk of influenza and pneumonia in children

A way to read the thoughts of dead people is found

Melting glaciers can provoke volcanic activity

The American sells the ranch due to invasion of UFOs and aliens

Near the ISS noticed “UFO”

Moving sand dunes on Mars

In the Arctic found lakes with unearthly conditions

Voice of the cosmos will help to detect black holes

Near the coast of the United States began to gather in packs of giant sharks

Planetologists told about another mysterious feature of Mars

NASA will study the behavior of human spermatozoa in space

Bacteria that cause obesity are found

Scientists unraveled the mystery of the Giants’ Road

A plume from the Aoba volcano in the Pacific Ocean

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The singing road in the Netherlands has driven the locals crazy

A flight over the north pole of Jupiter

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Due to flooding in the Dominican Republic 4 thousand people were evacuated

Powerful wind damaged Indian Taj Mahal

Secret of lonely meteors

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Strange behavior of wild animals is noted in the USA

Climatologists have found a record weakening of the Gulf Stream

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Melting glaciers of Greenland: photo from a satellite with a difference of 30 years