Trump declares he will ‘never’ ban birth control after seeming to suggest otherwise

Trump called the claim that he would restrict birth control, which began with his answer in a CBS Pittsburgh interview, a 'Democrat fabricated lie.'

Former President and 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump declared Tuesday he will “never” support banning contraception or birth control, hours after appearing to tease openness to such a move in an interview.

On Tuesday, Trump was interviewed by anchor Jon Delano of CBS Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA, who at one point asked, “do you support any restrictions on a person’s right [sic] to contraception?”

“Well, we’re looking at that and I’m going to have a policy on that very shortly,” Trump responded. “And I think it’s something that you’ll find interesting. And I’d see — it’s another issue that’s very interesting. But you will, you will find it, I think, very smart. I think it’s a smart decision, but we’ll be releasing it very soon […] I’m coming out within a week or so with a very comprehensive policy.”

The answer raised eyebrows in light of Trump’s repeated comments throughout the campaign declaring he opposes the federal government taking any further action on abortion and touting his support for the embryo-destructive in vitro fertilization industry. 

Later that day, Trump took to his personal social network Truth Social to clear up the confusion.

“I HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER ADVOCATE IMPOSING RESTRICTIONS ON BIRTH CONTROL, or other contraceptives,” the former president declared. “This is a Democrat fabricated lie, MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION, because they have nothing else to run on except FAILURE, POVERTY, AND DEATH. I DO NOT SUPPORT A BAN ON BIRTH CONTROL, AND NEITHER WILL THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!”

Trump’s actual position is unsurprising given his record, and as a practical matter, the national GOP showed little appetite for banning contraception even before current calls to back away from abortion for perceived political expediency. But it does highlight questions that have yet to be answered pertaining to Trump’s new framework on life issues, chiefly what his position would be on taxpayer funding for birth control in a second term.

Trump’s primary opponent, Democrat incumbent President Joe Biden, is currently running on his administration’s absolutist pro-abortion record, while independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says abortion should be legal up to fetal “viability,” after months of indicating he did not want any limits on the practice. Both Biden and Kennedy support codifying Roe v. Wade nationwide. Trump has called for abortion legislation to be left to the states while insisting on rape and incest exceptions. 

Polls currently indicate a razor-thin popular vote but a 303-235 victory for Trump in the Electoral College, although voters also say that convictions in Trump’s various ongoing legal battles would make them less likely to support him. However, serious concern among Democrats over Biden’s age and mental health, and deep dissatisfaction with his job performance, give the current president comparable electoral challenges.

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