Conservatives point to Trudeau as the reason for sky-high food prices in Canada

Instead of making sure Canadians can buy groceries, the Trudeau Liberals have gone on spending sprees to prop up pro-abortion and anti-family agenda.

Unless you have had your head stuck in the sand for the last two years, you have probably noticed that food prices have gone up to insanely elevated levels, which makes it hard for the average family to feed the kids a basic healthy meal.

In fact, food prices are so bad in Canada that food banks across the country have sounded the alarm that they have seen record use. The Conservative Party, under its leader Pierre Poilievre, recently said that poverty and food insecurity have gone through the roof, going up steadily for the past nine years. They blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government as the reason for this.

In a recent statement, the Conservatives said that Food Banks Canada’s (FBC) 2024 Poverty Report Card shows that the cost of living has gone up immensely, seeing food bank use soar some 50 percent since 2021.

“As a direct consequence of Trudeau’s inflationary spending and taxes, millions of Canadians are struggling to keep their heads above water,” the Conservatives said.

The FBC has downgraded the federal government’s grade of D to D- for 2024 as a result of high food bank usage.

But who is to blame for the high food prices? Is it supermarkets who are gouging customers, as leftists want you the believe? Is it the farmers? No. Or is the federal government to blame, as the Conservatives note?

Well, the reality is that it is not the first two suggestions made above but rather the third option, the Trudeau government, which has allowed things to spiral out of control, at least according to the Conservatives.

Instead of making sure Canadians can buy groceries, the Trudeau Liberals have gone on spending sprees to prop up pro-abortion and anti-family agenda.

Now, it is no secret why things are so expensive. It has been a rough last couple of years for Canadian families when it comes to the costs of buying food and basic goods, which have soared thanks to high inflation spurred on by what can only be described as reckless spending by the federal government.

The Conservatives noted that despite warnings not to do so, Trudeau added $61 billion in extra spending to his 2024 budget.

The Conservative Party took note of the carbon tax, which went up 23 percent in April, pointing out that Canadians “desperately need relief, but Justin Trudeau is no longer listening.”

Under Trudeau, due to excessive COVID money printing, inflation has skyrocketed.

A report from September 5, 2023, by Statistics Canada shows food prices are rising faster than headline inflation at a rate of between 10 percent and 18 percent per year.

The Conservatives say that “Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost,” and that “Only Common Sense Conservatives will cap the spending, axe the carbon tax, and bring home powerful paycheques for Canadians.”

To make matters worse, Employment and Social Development Canada has noted that food inflation in Canada is so rampant that the nation’s poverty rate will go up as a result.

“The rising cost of food will be reflected in Canada’s poverty rates,” ESDC said. “As food prices increase, poverty thresholds are likely to follow.”

Indeed, as reported by LifeSiteNews recently, the Canadian government’s own National Advisory Council on Poverty (NACP) observed in a recent update to Parliament that fast-rising food costs have led to many people feeling a sense of “hopelessness and desperation” with nowhere to turn for help.

Food costs are going up so fast that even Canada’s own Department of Social Development in a recent briefing note stated that the nation’s poverty rate could increase by 14 percent this year due to high food prices.

So, the question remains. Would a Poilievre Conservative government be able to help bring down inflation and food costs? Well, the answer to that is, first of all, it depends if the party wins a majority in the next election, which is likely as recent polls show. Second, the Conservatives’ leader must make good on his promises to cut unneeded spending and get rid of the carbon tax.

There are signs her will be true to his word. Poilievre recently criticized Trudeau’s pledge to combat sky-high inflation in a strong rebuke of the handling of the nation’s economy, saying that “Justin Trudeau promising to fight inflation is like a pyromaniac promising to fight a fire.”

“He’s the one that lit the fire with his taxes and his deficits,” Poilievre said.

Poilievre has said he wants the federal government to bring in a “dollar-for-dollar” law that would help to lower high interest rates that contribute to inflation.

Franco Terrazzano, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, told LifeSiteNews in January that “If the government wanted to make all areas of life more affordable, the government should leave more money in people’s pockets and cut taxes.”

“Trudeau should completely scrap his carbon tax,” he added.

So, in the meantime, Canadian families will continue to have to belt tighten just to be able to survive.

One thing is for sure, come 2025, the year of the next federal election, here’s hoping Canadians will turn the tide and vote out the Trudeau Liberals.

(Article by Anthony Murdoch republished from

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