State Rep. Says Non-Citizens Receiving Voter Registration Forms in South Carolina

Non-citizens in South Carolina are apparently receiving voter registration forms even though they are ineligible to vote.

On Tuesday, South Carolina state Rep. Adam Morgan (R-District 20) said a non-citizen "refugee" sent him one of the voter registration forms she received from the Social Security Administration.

InfoWars reports: “Is the Federal Gov giving voter registration forms to non-citizens? Yes, at least in SC. A refugee sent us this form that was given to her in a packet at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg,” Morgan wrote on X.

“She asked, ‘Why are they giving these to non-citizens?’ EXACTLY,” he added.

“She asked, ‘Why are they giving these to non-citizens?’ EXACTLY,” he added.

“But the story gets worse,” he continued. “Her relative mailed the forms back and criticized the office for distributing them to people they knew were non-citizens.”

“A few weeks later the refugees received more voter registration forms in the mail. None of this is by accident,” he claimed.

After contacting the relevant agencies over the matter, Morgan determined the voter registration forms were distributed to non-citizens by the state government, specifically the S.C. Medicaid Office.

“We are set to pass a bill prohibiting non-citizens from voting in S.C. elections! Stop this nonsense in your state!” Morgan added.

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