Record number of abortions in Germany: The Great Silence

Faster, more efficient, less bureaucracy - but not in the trade office, but in abortions. In the midst of the demographic crisis, politicians are setting the wrong priorities. A commentary by Kristijan Aufiero.

The new abortion figures are in, and they have risen again: to 106,000 in 2023. This number is only an indication of a significantly higher number of unreported cases. This is suggested by comparisons with data from countries such as Great Britain, France and Italy.

This means that since the introduction of de facto abortion 50 years ago, more than 10 million people have gone missing because of abortion - in Germany alone.

The German Government Acts Against Common Sense on Abortion

But the most astonishing thing is the great silence: Hardly anyone dares to name this mass abortion as one of the main causes of the demographic catastrophe we are facing. At the same time, pro-life counseling services such as 1000plus/Profemina can prove that two-thirds of all women in conflict with pregnancy decide to keep their child if they receive real advice and concrete help.

Instead of taking note of this reality, the "traffic light" government coalition is primarily concerned with how to make it easier and quicker for pregnant women to have an abortion - against all reason and common sense. Will there soon be a turning point on abortion? Hope dies last.

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