Germany: Left-wing extremists try to storm Tesla factory

Grünheide - Left-wing extremist demonstrators tried to storm the Tesla factory in Grünheide, Brandenburg on Friday. The police were able to prevent this, a spokesman for the authorities told Focus. However, some of the demonstrators had overcome fences and the situation was "dynamic". Police tried to cordon off the area around the plant and closed several highway exits.
So far, one woman has been injured in the protests. In addition to the attempted storming, there was also a sit-in on a country road near the factory. At the Neuhardenberg airfield, about 50 kilometers away, there was a disturbance in which several masked people set off pyrotechnics.

Police expect more attacks

Left-wing groups had called for protests against the plant since Wednesday. The background is a planned expansion of the Tesla complex. Last Generation supporters have been camping nearby since February to demonstrate against the expansion.

In March, an organization calling itself the "Vulkan Group" carried out an arson attack on a high-voltage power pole, leaving the factory without power for several hours and forcing it to halt production. The Vulkan Group announced in advance of the renewed protests that they were looking forward to "an exciting week of action" in which there would be "many opportunities" to "attack companies like Tesla". Police are therefore expecting more attacks.

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