Trump Joins Neocon Republicans in Selling Out America for Ukraine, Israel

Mr. Operation Warp Speed former President Donald Trump is now fully aligned with what retired United States Army Col. Douglas Macgregor described as "the money pigs in Washington."

Macgregor, speaking of President Trump, explained in an interview that the former president who rallied supporters around himself by claiming to be anti-swamp has basically become the swamp he railed against as part of his claim to political fame.

Despite overwhelming public opposition to all these foreign wars happening right now in places like Ukraine and Israel, Trump and the rest of the money pigs fully support sending all of your tax dollars to Volodymyr Zelensky, Benjamin Netanyahu and all the other war criminals who belong behind bars.

"Seventy percent of the American people" now oppose funding foreign wars, but current and future, Macgregor told former Fox News anchor Clayton Morris. Watch the full interview below:

(Related: Remember back in late December of 2021 after it was already obvious that Wuhan coronavirus [COVID-19] "vaccines" were killing people left and right when Trump tripled down in supporting them, claiming that Operation Warp Speed saved millions of lives?)

Trump's betrayal of America

Many are waking up to the fact that Trump is little more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. And as a former and possibly still current supporter of Trump himself, Macgregor seems to be leading the charge right now in outing Trump for who he truly is.

"What he did … is essentially align himself with the money pigs in Washington who were interested in everything other than the American people," Macgregor explained, calling it "catastrophically stupid" for Trump to support the latest $95 billion military aid funding package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

As to why Trump is doing what he is doing, Macgregor believes that the former president is desperate to once again occupy the White House and have all eyes on him again since he loves attention.

"I think Mr. Trump wants desperately to be president," Macgregor said. "So, he is turning to everyone and anyone who has money willing to support him and will promise to do so – whatever they're asking."

Macgregor is the CEO of Our Country, Our Choice, an organization that claims it exists "to come together to save America." Its motto is "Truth set you free," and it supposedly centers around the "Christian roots" of the United States that Macgregor would like to see come back to the country.

In Macgregor's view, Trump "made a bad mistake" with supporting this foreign war funding bill, adding that "it will haunt him" come November.

Trump "should have stood with the 21 members" of Congress who opposed the bill because "quite frankly, most of America stands with those 21 members," Macgregor added.

Until judgment day comes from God himself, it appears as though Washington, D.C., will remain a cesspool no matter how many "populist" politicians occupy its borders.

"Trump is beginning to look a lot like 'a mile wide and an inch deep" kind of guy," one commenter wrote at Life Site News.

"Col. Macgregor is merely stating the obvious about Trump – the simple, plain, unvarnished truth and God bless him for doing so," wrote another.

Trump is losing a lot of supporters as they come to the realization that he is no different than the rest of the corrupt political establishment.

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