Power and Wokeism (Part II)

 By  John (the other John).

The second part of this series discusses the barbarians and wokeness. To be blunt, the barbarians do not only not know what “wokeism” is, they likely cannot even spell “woke”. These people are either uneducated or are poorly educated, they are borderline illiterate, and many of them can be categorized as being clinically retarded. They know no philosophy, but they live like beasts in which they only desire to fulfill their passions in the here-and-now, with no regard for the future. They eat, they drink, they $h!t, they f’k, they steal and commit other crimes, and they sleep; they provide nothing positive to society.

That being said, the billionaires want to keep the barbarians depraved and dependent, thus they are a natural constituency to the funding of billionaires in supporting their poor habits (such as funding laws to empty out prisons, decriminalize crimes, expand the use of drugs, welfare payments to encourage non-work, etc…). But this is not done out of love (or hate) for the barbarians, but rather it is done for the sole purpose of using the barbarians as foot-soldiers to intimidate law-abiding citizens to vote a certain way. The summer of 2020 is clear evidence of this relationship between billionaires and barbarians in the effort to remove Trump.

The barbarians are convinced that they will gain power with the aid of billionaires, but then again, it is not that too hard to convince an illiterate drug addict of anything. Their poor life choices only expedite their future residence in a grave.
Power and Wokeism (Part I)

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