Power and Wokeism (Part I)

By John (the other John).

This is the first part of a three part series discussing power and wokeism. As a starting point, wokeists are not a monolithic group of people sharing the same thoughts and motivations. To the contrary, these three groups are quite dissimilar in their thought process, but what they do share is the same aspiration to gain power. The three groups are:

1. Billionaires

2. Barbarians

3. Buffoons

We will begin with the billionaires.

Wokeism was previously defined in the article at: https://www.postdiscus.com/2023/02/wokeism-noun-wok-izm.html

1. A scheme concocted in the Universities, and now financed by the wealthy and powerful elite that seeks to monopolize power, by them weaponizing mental illness, criminality, laziness, incompetence, and the low IQ of unfit/weak/demented people, by manipulating them to believe in objectively false and imaginary grievances, in which the only remedy is to envy, hate, discriminate against, intimidate, and steal from (and if needed, to eliminate) a targeted meritorious group who supposedly have an un-pure and tainted identity.

2. Victims/oppressed (winners) and villains/oppressors (losers) are arbitrarily (yet strategically) chosen based merely on identity; these designations are not based on actual real life events, but rather by the wicked desire of ruthless despots to profit from the chaos that they orchestrated.

Where the billionaires fall under “wokeism” is that they fund this movement not because they believe in this philosophically, but rather their god is money and power. So they use their money to bribe politicians and government officials to gain favour, but they further fund the barbarians (street criminals) and the buffoons (useful idiots; [ex., students, and stupid adults]) to act as the shock-troops to:

1. intimidate law-abiding citizens to vote a certain way, and

2. to destroy property so the billionaires can buy things at discounted prices so they can rebuild and profit; and to

3. traffick parasitic barbarians from the 3rd world so the billionaires have access to cheap labour, young prostitutes, street thugs, and to somehow profit off of the welfare system to “care” for the needs of these newly arrived leaches; and to

4. destroy our effective source of energy and instead replace it with an un-effective form of energy so they can profit off of this destruction and subsequent reconstruction; and to

5. teach utter nonsense in school so people remain dumb and dependent.

Ultimately, they seek profit and power, and the people who die or are harmed in this process are mere collateral damage for the greater good of profit and power. From their perspective, history does not remember the losers, but rather history remembers the winners. And with power, they control the knowledge that will be taught as being “history” to future generations.

So in the realm of the entrepreneurial spirit, human suffering = profit.

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